Browsing broken in main CVS branch

Johan Hedin johanh at
Thu Apr 23 16:14:36 GMT 1998

Sorry to have bothered you. It was my misstake. Did not "make clean" 
before "make" after the "cvs update". Now browsing works again, but
netlogon does still not work. I'll look more to see if I missconfigured

Johan Hedin

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On Thu, 23 Apr 1998, Johan Hedin wrote:

> I just updated my CVS tree of Samba (running as a PDC) today. Now browsing
> and logonscripts doesn't work. smbclient -L gives the right names of the
> shares, but NT 4 Sp3 (English version) does only view |" for the shares.
> Accessing the shares with typing the names work fine. Any ideas?

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