Can't connect to printer via PDC

Michael Keightley mk at
Thu Apr 23 16:05:22 GMT 1998

I have two Solaris 2.6 machines running samba.  One is the PDC running
the main branch version which I copied using CVS last week.  The other is
using 1.9.18p3.  When I try to setup a printer by selecting the printer
via Network Neighborhood it works fine from the machine running 1.9.18p3.
But when I select the printer from the PDC machine it comes up with
the error:
"Could not connect the printer.  The printer name is invalid"

The smb.conf for both machines contains:

   printcap name = lpstat

  printing = sysv
  path = /home/samba_pearl/var/spool/public
  public = yes
  writable = no
  printable = yes

Is there something broken, or am I doing something wrong?
Is it because it's the domain controller?

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