Machine Account is Inaccessible (1.9.19-prealpha)

Andrew Perrin - Demography aperrin at demog.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Apr 21 23:44:52 GMT 1998

I am well aware that this is 'bleeding-edge' stuff, so I'm posting these
findings partially to assist development and partially because it'd be
very cool to have it working :).  FYI, our setup is Solaris 2.6, NIS
distribution, NT 4.0 SP3 clients.

I'm consistently getting "The machine account does not exist or is
inaccessible" errors when trying to join the domain.  There is a machine
password line in ~samba/private; it's for KITAGAWA$ (the client's name is
kitagawa), password kitagawa, and it's in /etc/passwd as well.

Domain name is SANDBOX
Server is Netbios Name SHOVEL, DNS name BOSERUP
Client is Netbios & DNS name KITAGAWA

Logs (level 10) of the attempt and failure of the connection can be found

Any advice will be much appreciated!

Andrew J. Perrin - aperrin at - NT/Unix Admin/Support
Department of Demography    -    University of California at Berkeley
2232 Piedmont Avenue #2120  -    Berkeley, California, 94720-2120 USA --------------------------SEIU1199

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