Samba PDC trashes NT PDC?

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Thu Apr 16 17:13:07 GMT 1998

On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Gerald W. Carter wrote:

> Samba Bugs wrote:
> > 
> > Yes!
> > 
> > If you turn on "domain logons = yes" and set the "os level = xx" up
> > high enough you can cause every NT domain controller to shut down it's
> > "net logon service" - very mean thing to do man! Not very nice! No!
> I'm assuming that mean in setting the domain of the samba server to be
> the same as the one for the NT PDC's.  However,  If samba PDC and the NT
> PDC are in two different domains, this should not be the case, correct?

To the best of my knowledge Samba will NOT affect any domain it is NOT a
member of. If it doess, I have NEVER seem it. I run NT training classes
and we often have three domains and a Samba server. I have jacked the
samba os level up to 65 and over and turned on domain logons support and
have had the NT network logon service shut down. I have also seen the
winlogon process die a horible death once and that stops ALL logons! Have
not been able to reproduce that one.

The most reproducible way to get NT to shut down the net logon service is
to reboot while Samba has the domain logon service running. Does it's
dirty everytime. NT can not handle conflict on startup.

> > that our IS guys PDC (on another domain) seemed to get screwed up 
> > right around

I hope that clears any ambiguity up.

John T.

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