Samba PDC trashes NT PDC?

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu Apr 16 16:59:38 GMT 1998

Samba Bugs wrote:
> Yes!
> If you turn on "domain logons = yes" and set the "os level = xx" up
> high enough you can cause every NT domain controller to shut down it's
> "net logon service" - very mean thing to do man! Not very nice! No!

I'm assuming that mean in setting the domain of the samba server to be
the same as the one for the NT PDC's.  However,  If samba PDC and the NT
PDC are in two different domains, this should not be the case, correct?

> that our IS guys PDC (on another domain) seemed to get screwed up 
> right around

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