A question about NT Domains

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Apr 8 19:13:49 GMT 1998

Bruce Cook wrote:
>  > Nope.  Only member of one domain at a time.
> Ummm.   Am I missing somthing ?
> What's that domain list box in the login dialog on your NT WS for ?
> Are you saying that the samba domain browsing isn't working, or that
> as user can't log onto any domain on the local network he choses.
> I haven't installed as WS since 3.51 so I maybe misremembering
> somthing)

Hmmm...Unless I am missing something here as well.  When you join a
domain ( samba or otherwise ) you must leave the current domain to join
another.  The popup menu at the login prompt allows you to choose
between the network domain or the local machine.

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