HYIP: I work only with HYIPs of 'A' class. Samba-docs, and you?

Starsnstripes starsnstripes at usa.net
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Im veteran HYIP investor. I work only with HYIPs of 'A' class.
I offer only REAL investment, not a SCAM!
Bland Invest is the most profitable and reliable investment program in the world.

"We are the active traders of online stocks. 
Also we invest your money in new programs in internet. 
The min. deposit for invest is just $10. 
We have a few different invest plans and we hope that you'll find the most 
acceptable and profitable invest plan for yourself. 
Our investment is working since August, 2002 and we aren't scams. 
We have already about 600 investors. 
We accepted "invest verification by the phone" for 
serios investors because there is a fraud activity in internet now,
so you shouldn't worry about your money.
				Bland invest."

They are too handy and simple! You can try them!

Please, use my refferal link:

Troy Fickle.
Please, don't report BLAND INVEST about this mail!
This is only offer for HYIP investors.
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