hi all

Mike Nowlin mike at argos.org
Mon Mar 25 06:56:56 GMT 2002

On  0, Markus Röder <mr at nlba.de> wrote:
> Hi all, 
> i have a problem with the samba and W2k Server.
> I would like to enter a shared Directory on the samba. 
> My problems is :
> The User is on the W2k Domain Controller.
> And not on my linux box
> How I can do that my User can access to my samba =? 
> I will not useradd on the Linux.!!!
> I have anybody an idear what I can do ?

Out of curiosity, any particular reason that you don't want to add users to
the Linux box with invalid ("*") passwords?  Although that would allow them
to do things such as "receive email at user at linuxbox.some.domain" (that they
really couldn't receive - can't log in) or have the Linux box answer to 
finger requests for that user, they wouldn't be able to log in and do 
anything...  (Those problems in particular do have workarounds available...)

If you're using encrypted Samba passwords, that should let the users make
use of whatever Samba resources you specify in the smb.conf file, yet keep
them out of the Linux side of things...

Hmm - depending on your setup, you could add a "smbuser" account in Linux
and/or Samba, and use the Windows "connect as another user" feature when
mounting the SMB share on the client...  I use a variation of this method
that says "OK - if the user was validated by the domain controller, map the
following drives to these Samba shares for everyone (read-only)."  This is
pretty much done on the Windoze side...


(Disclaimer for this message: it's been a long night, I need sleep, but I
don't THINK there's any obvious reason not to do this... :)  )

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