Swat problems

Fred W. Foss ffoss at helios.hampshire.edu
Wed Apr 17 17:39:02 GMT 2002

hi all, 

I don't mean to dump on everybody, but I am frustrated after trying to
upgrade to 2.2.3a. Samba went in easy. But when trying to update swat, the
instructions say to compile etc.  I don't see source, but I find under
source/script a swatinstall.sh script. Ok try it.  Doesn't work.  Look at
scripts oh it requires parameters... lets see..... Ok it needs this.
Doesn't anybody document anything any more????? Or maybe check and modify
the documentation when making changes??? (So far swat STILL doesn't work)

I even looked for an email address to contact someone re the distro files
without resorting to a mailing list  --- you guessed it nada, at least not
that I found in 15 minutes or so of looking. 

I was trying to get swat to install as a co-worker wanted to try Linux, but
doesn't feel comfortable with the command line.  Oh well guess he can use
2000 :-(

I am no super expert, but consider my self reasonably competent. I have
compiled new kernels and have done a lot with my system. I even had swat
running in an earlier version.

I apologize again for venting, but I needed to let someone know....



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