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Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Thu Jul 12 05:53:17 UTC 2018

The annotated tag, tevent-0.9.37 has been created
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   tagging  f4fe3f77669875070cd7ba4a28ad33f6a058f105 (commit)
  replaces  ldb-1.4.0
 tagged by  Stefan Metzmacher
        on  Thu Jul 12 07:53:02 2018 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tevent: tag release tevent-0.9.37


Aaron Haslett (6):
      samba: read backup date field on init and fail if present
      param: Add non-global smb.cfg option (support 2 different smb.confs)
      join: Pipe through dns_backend option for clones
      netcmd: domain backup online command
      netcmd: domain backup restore command
      tests: Add tests for the domain backup online/restore commands

Amit Kumar (1):
      MAN: Adding entry for net ads lookup

Amitay Isaacs (47):
      ctdb-common: Simplify process registration using linked list
      ctdb-common: Do not initialize run_proc inside run_event
      ctdb-common: Rename run_event_script_list to run_event_list
      ctdb-common: Return script_list for zero scripts
      ctdb-common: Improve error handling in run_event
      ctdb-common: Reset running state on failure
      ctdb-common: Add support to run events through failure
      ctdb-common: Correctly handle conf->reload()
      replace: Add test for sin6_len in sockaddr_in6 structure
      ctdb-common: Use sin6_len only if the structure supports it
      ctdb-build: Add checks for raw pkt handling support
      ctdb-build: Add ipv6 headers check for packet details
      ctdb: Fix build on AIX
      tdb: Fix build on AIX
      ctdb-common: Use correct return type for tevent_queue_add_entry
      ctdb-tests: Avoid segfault by initializing logging
      ctdb-daemon: Avoid closing stdin when running in interactive mode
      ctdb-daemon: Set environment variable if running in interactive mode
      wafsamba: Add strict option to CHECK_CODE
      wafsamba: Be strict when checking __attribute__ features
      socket_wrapper: Be strict when checking __attribute__ features
      replace: Be strict when checking __attribute__ features
      nss_wrapper: Be strict when checking __attribute__ features
      pam_wrapper: Be strict when checking __attribute__ features
      resolv_wrapper: Be strict when checking __attribute__ features
      uid_wrapper: Be strict when checking __attribute__ features
      ctdb-protocol: Separate protocol-basic subsystem
      ctdb-build: Add ctdb prefix to build target
      ctdb-tests: Separate testing code for basic data types
      ctdb-common: Add client pid to connect callback in sock_daemon
      ctdb-event: Add event daemon protocol
      ctdb-event: Add event daemon implementation
      ctdb-event: Add event daemon client code
      ctdb-event: Add event daemon client tool
      ctdb-tests: Rename eventd testsuite to ctdb_eventd
      ctdb-event: Add tests for event daemon
      ctdb-daemon: Switch to starting new event daemon
      ctdb-tools: Switch to using new event daemon tool
      ctdb-tests: Remove tests for old event daemon
      ctdb-daemon: Remove old event daemon
      ctdb-tools: Remove old event daemon tool
      ctdb-client: Remove client code for old event daemon
      ctdb-protocol: Remove protocol for old event daemon
      ctdb-daemon: Add client code to talk to new event daemon
      ctdb-tests: Switch to using new event daemon
      ctdb-common: Fix CID 437606
      ctdb-tests: Avoid segfault by initializing logging

Andreas Schneider (14):
      testparm: Remove warning from the last century
      samdb: Fix build error with gcc8
      s3:registry: Fix buffer truncation issues issues with gcc8
      s3:smbget: Fix buffer truncation issues with gcc8
      s3:winbind: Fix regression introduced with bso #12851
      krb5_plugin: Add winbind localauth plugin for MIT Kerberos
      krb5_plugin: Install plugins to krb5 modules dir
      krb5_plugin: Move krb5 locator plugin to krb5_plugin subdir
      docs: Move winbind_krb5_locator manpage to volume 8
      docs: Add manpage for winbind_krb5_localauth.8
      nsswitch: Add tests to lookup user via getpwnam
      s3:winbind: Do not lookup local system accounts in AD
      nsswitch: Use a swtich in the wbinfo test to lookup users
      winbind_krb5_localauth: Fix a compiler warning

Andrej Gessel (3):
      Fix several mem leaks in ldb_index ldb_search ldb_tdb
      ldb: check return values
      check return value before using key_values

Andrew Bartlett (33):
      selftest: Make create_test_ou() return a ldb.Dn
      selftest: Use samba.tests.create_test_ou() in repl_move tests
      selftest: Use samba.tests.create_test_ou() in replica_sync tests
      lib/audit_logging: Make function prototypes look like the rest of Samba
      lib/audit_logging: Remove #ifdef HAVE_JANSSON from audit_logging_test binary
      pyldb-samba: Use the same smb.conf variable name as the C wrapper users for LDB_FLG_NOSYNC
      dsdb: Honour LDB_FLG_NOSYNC for metadata.tdb
      dsdb: Use ldb_init() to make the ldb_context in dsdb audit tests
      ldb_tdb: Use mem_ctx and so avoid leak onto long-term memory on duplicated add.
      auth: For NTLM and KDC authentication, log the authentication duration
      build: Move --without-json-audit and json lib detection to lib/audit_logging
      lib/audit_logging: Require jansson JSON library for building the AD DC
      lib/audit_logging: Only build audit_logging_test for --enable-selftest on the AD DC
      dsdb: Ensure a build --without-json-audit --without-ad-dc compiles
      autobuild: Build samba-fileserver --without-json-audit
      audit_logging: Clarify debug messages
      audit_logging: Remove incorrect check for NT_STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND
      audit_logging: Initialise event_server
      audit_logging: Remove duplciate error printing
      dsdb: Use correct memory context for imessaging_client_init() in audit logging
      dsdb: Use customary variable names for audit event contexts
      dsdb: Use customary variable names for the audit private context
      dsdb: Use GUID_zero() rather than memset in dsdb audit code
      dsdb-audit: Remove flapping part of the tests
      Update .travis.yml to match package list used in docker container and Catalyst Cloud builds
      samba-tool drs showrepl: Skip deleted DSAs when checking for success
      samba-tool drs showrepl: add --pull-summary and --notify-summary
      dbcheck: Use symbolic control name for DSDB_CONTROL_DBCHECK_FIX_DUPLICATE_LINKS
      samba-tool drs showrepl: correctly report failing repsFrom
      autobuild: Fix random-sleep.sh invocation in autobuild.py
      selftest: Use self.account_lockout_duration in self.update_lockout_settings for password_lockout tests
      selftest: Use a longer self.account_lockout_duration and self.lockout_observation_window
      WHATSNEW: Add more text about work done by Catalyst developers

Bailey Berro (1):
      libsmbclient: Initialize written in cli_splice_fallback()

Björn Baumbach (3):
      heimdal: small code adaption to cherry-pick heimdal commit
      heimdal: remove include/includedir directives for krb5.conf
      README.Coding: Fix link to Python coding style guide (PEP 8)

Björn Jacke (1):
      build: bundle and reduce huge number of EA function tests

Carlos O'Donell (1):
      ctdb: Improve robust mutex test

Christof Schmitt (4):
      krb5_wrap: fix keep_old_entries logic for older kerberos libraries
      heimdal: Fix build with system provided heimdal library
      wscript: Add --with-system-heimdalkrb5
      winbindd: Remove ads.h include from nss_info

Christof Schmitt via samba-technical (1):
      lib:charset: Fix error messages from charset conversion

David Disseldorp (9):
      s3/service: use lp_const_servicename() where possible
      s3/uid: use lp_const_servicename() where possible
      s3/service: convert lp_force_group() to const
      s3/service: convert lp_force_user() to const
      s3/loadparm: fix a few talloc stackframe leaks
      vfs_ceph: don't lie about flock support
      docs/vfs_ceph: add CTDB_SAMBA_SKIP_SHARE_CHECK=yes caveat
      Revert "s3/service: convert lp_force_user() to const"
      Revert "s3/service: convert lp_force_group() to const"

David Mulder (2):
      samba_gpoupdate: Rename the command to samba-gpupdate
      samba-gpupdate: Change machine option to target

Douglas Bagnall (53):
      samba-tool visualize: group (and colour) DCs by site
      samba-tool visualize tests: reduce noise on stdout
      samba-tool visualize ntdsconn: add --importldif option
      samba-tool viusalize: mark RODCs in distance matrix
      samba-tool visualise: --xdot option for instant graphviz visualisation
      samba-tool drs replicate: make pseudo-method a real method
      samba-tool drs replicate: reformat drs_local_replicate method
      kcc.graph_utils: shift debug noise out of verify()
      dsdb/util: use parse_guid_string, not sscanf()
      util/charset/iconv: use read_hex_bytes rather than sscanf
      util_str_hex: use array syntax in guid functions to document usage
      ndr_misc: read syntax_id using strict util_str_hex functions
      kcc graphs: site edges in colour, labeled with DNs
      kcc graph verifier: use __doc__ description for error explanation
      kcc graph verifiers: improve messages
      python kcc/graph_utils: don't debug in colour
      samba-tool dns cleanup_record: add missing verbose/quiet options
      samba-tool: add -v to domain --verbose
      samba-tool: add -v to drs --verbose
      samba-tool: be consistent in accepting -q for --quiet
      samba-tool drs showrepl: remove unused search
      samba-tool drs: remove 'server' arg from commands without --server
      python/colour: add colourizing and switch functions
      sambatool: heuristics to decided whether colour is wanted
      python/kcc/graph_utils: short-cut edge failure test without edges
      samba-tool drs showrepl tests: don't assert existence of DNS partitions
      samba-tool drs showrepl: generalise the way output mode is chosen
      samba-tool drs showrepl: add a --verbose flag
      python/graph: tweak colour schemes for distance charts
      samba-tool visualise: helper for getting the partition
      samba-tool visualize: separate dot options from common options
      python/samba/graph: use look up table for ascii-art charsets
      python/graph: rework shorten_vertex_names to not need edges
      python/graph: add full_matrix graph function
      python/graph: use '>' for excessive numbers, not '+'
      python/graph: don't crash colourer on bad link
      samba-tool visualize: fix wrong variable name in get_partition()
      samba-tool visualize ntdsconn: properly sort/group vertices
      sambatool visualize: add up-to-dateness visualization
      python/join: fix a typo
      python/drs_utils: fix repeated typo
      samba-tool drs showrepl: add a --color flag
      samba-tool drs showrepl --summary for a quick local check
      samba-tool drs show_repl: simplify the collection of DC lists
      samba-tool drs showrepl test: remove useless print
      s4/torture/drs/python: don't double-call enable/disable replication
      s4/torture/samba_tool_drs_showrepl: use assertRegexpMatches
      samba-tool showrepl tests: test all-good with --pull-summary
      samba-tool drs showrepl test: turn subprocess error into failure
      samba_tool_showrepl_pull_summary_all_good is flapping
      WHATSNEW: samba-tool drs showrepl and visualize changes
      doc: samba-tool visualize uptodateness
      doc: samba-tool drs showrepl --json and --summary

Gary Lockyer (16):
      dsdb partition.c: Make partition_copy_all aysnc.
      auth tests: irpc remove "auth_event" name on completion
      cldap: clear remote address after cldap_dse_fill
      dsdb acl: Copy dsdb_control_password_acl_validation into reply
      rpc_server: common routine to open ldb in system session
      rpc_server lsa: pass remote connection data
      rpc_server backupkey: pass remote connection data
      lib audit_logging: re-factor and add functions.
      dsdb: audit samdb and password changes
      dsdb: Audit group membership changes
      dsdb: add defines for sessionInfo and networkSessionInfo
      lib/audit_logging fix flapping test
      dsdb: Log the transaction duraton.
      dsdb audit: Fix timestamp tests
      README.Coding disable include sorting in clang format
      WHATSNEW add entries audit logging and lmdb.

Günther Deschner (2):
      s4-heimdal: Fix the format-truncation errors.
      s4-dsdb: fix the build of audit_util.c

Jeffrey Altman (1):
      heimdal: lib/krb5: do not fail set_config_files due to parse error

Jeremy Allison (6):
      s3: torture: Add DELETE-PRINT test.
      s3: smbd: printing: Re-implement delete-on-close semantics for print files missing since 3.5.x.
      s3: VFS: Remove unused enum value.
      WHATSNEW.txt: Updated with VFS ABI changes for 4.9.0.
      s3: smbd: Don't use getcwd() directly. We must always go through the VFS.
      libsmbclient: Initialize written value before use.

Joe Guo (12):
      netcmd/domain: fix a typo in message
      netcmd/domain: remove dns records after DC demote
      tests/demote: replace demote test bash script to python
      pysmb: add py_smb_unlink and test
      pysmbd: add py_smbd_mkdir
      pysmbd: extract init_files_struct function
      pysmbd: add py_smbd_create_file
      ntacls: add functions to backup and restore ntacls
      ntacls: add extra test file for ntacls backup
      tests/ntacls_backup: register test
      tests/ntacls: use global vars to make code DRY
      tests/ntacls: fix pep8 warnings

Justin Stephenson (2):
      s3:client: Add --quiet option to smbclient
      s3:tests: Add test for smbclient --quiet

Lukas Slebodnik (1):
      ldb: Fix memory leak on module context

Martin Schwenke (54):
      ctdb-docs: Update reference to lmaster/recmaster capability options
      ctdb-scripts: Move event scripts to events/legacy/ directory
      ctdb-scripts: Event scripts must end with ".script" suffix
      ctdb-scripts: Change directory for notifications to events/notification
      Revert "ctdb-tests: Continue running if a testcase is not executable"
      ctdb-tests: Continue running if a testcase is not executable
      ctdb-common: Rename system utility files
      ctdb-common: Move parse_ip_mask() to system_socket.[ch]
      ctdb-common: Move ctdb_system_check_iface_exists() to system.[ch]
      ctdb-common: Move ctdb_get_peer_pid() to system.[ch]
      ctdb-common: Move ctdb_sys_send_arp() to ctdb_socket.[ch]
      ctdb-common: Move ctdb_sys_send_tcp() to ctdb_socket.[ch]
      ctdb-common: Move capture_socket functions to ctdb_socket.[ch]
      ctdb-tests: Switch fake_ctdbd to use ctdb_get_peer_pid()
      ctdb-tests: Drop check for invalid event in 00.test event script
      ctdb-tests: Clean up argument validation in 00.test event script
      ctdb-tests: Drop unnecessary code in 00.test event script
      ctdb-tests: Add generic logging of event details in 00.test event script
      ctdb-tests: Clean up startup event in 00.test event script
      ctdb-tests: Support CTDB_RUN_TIMEOUT_MONITOR=yes in simple tests
      ctdb-tests: Enable event script debugging in local daemon tests
      ctdb-tests: Switch 90_debug_hung_script.sh to be a simple test
      ctdb-scripts: Drop 99.timeout event script
      ctdb-recoverd: Set the process name correctly
      ctdb-client: Fix typo where CTDB_BROADCAST_ALL is repeated
      ctdb-tests: Add check for non-lmaster node status in integration tests
      ctdb-tests: Add a simple test for database traverses
      ctdb-docs: Fix the documentation for VNN map
      ctdb-daemon: Only consider client ID for local database attach
      ctdb-tests: Teach strace packet parser about non-octal escapes
      ctdb-tests: Replace hardcoded IP address in test results
      ctdb-tests: Setup public addresses in 60.nfs unit tests
      ctdb-daemon: Change default for tunable NoIPHostOnAllDisabled to 1
      ctdb-daemon: Mark NoIPHostOnAllDisabled tunable as obsolete
      ctdb-daemon: Drop plumbing for obsolete tunable NoIPHostOnAllDisabled
      ctdb-daemon: Stop inactive/disabled nodes from reporting available IPs
      ctdb-daemon: Drop the noiphost "node flags" bitmap
      ctdb-build: Add CTDB_DATADIR
      ctdb-common: Add path support for datadir
      ctdb-event: Update event tool to handle symbolic links
      ctdb-event: Allow tool to enable/disable scripts without daemon
      ctdb-tools: All ctdb event commands to run without ctdbd
      ctdb-tests: New install path CTDB_SCRIPT_DATA_DIR
      ctdb-tests: Drop an unused case
      ctdb-tests: Clean up define_test() for event scripts
      ctdb-build: Install event scripts in CTDB_DATADIR
      ctdb-build: Enable some standard event scripts if none are enabled
      ctdb-packaging: Enable some standard event scripts if none are enabled
      ctdb-tests: Ensure some event scripts are enabled for cluster tests
      ctdb-tests: Drop event script tests where CTDB_MANAGED_<service>=no
      ctdb-scripts: Drop event script CTDB_MANAGED_<service> variables
      ctdb-tests: Drop residual CTDB_MANAGED_<service> variables
      ctdb-scripts: Provide a gstack function if gstack is not available

Nicolas Williams (1):
      heimdal: Add include/includedir directives for krb5.conf

Noel Power (7):
      python/samba: Py2|Py3 compat, fix more missed exception tuple issues
      python/samab: py2/py3 string.upper(astring) -> astring.upper
      python/samba/tests: py2/py3 port has_keys usage
      python/samba/emulate: py2/py3 .next usage, replace with next() fn
      python/samba: Another object.next() to next(object) py2/py3 converstion
      python/samba: enclose map.values with list (py2/py3)
      python/samba/netcmd: Fix NameError exception

Pooja Mahadik (1):
      pass 'rdonly' or 'directory' flag to open a directory file.

Ralph Boehme (15):
      selftest: run smb2.streams tests against a share with vfs_streams_xattr
      s4:torture/smb2/streams: try to rename basefile while is has open streams
      s4:torture/vfs/fruit: adjust test testing basefile rename to expect failure
      s3:smbd: add private option NTCREATEX_OPTIONS_PRIVATE_STREAM_BASEOPEN
      s3:locking: add file_has_open_streams()
      s3:smbd: don't allow renaming basefile if streams are open
      s3: lib/ctdbd_conn: include .h, not .c
      lib: smb_threads: fix access before init bug
      s3: smbd: fix a check in stat_cache_add()
      s3: smbd/durable: remove dev and inode check from vfs_default_durable_reconnect_check_stat()
      ctdb: close the correct pipe fd in a test
      s3/rpc_server: Character Encode Spotlight Queries
      tevent.h: improve tevent_req documentation
      tevent: add a simple wrapper test
      tevent: add a test that frees wrapper_ev with pending events

Sachin Prabhu (1):
      s4-torture: add test for lease break after file unlink

Stefan Metzmacher (120):
      python: export fault_setup() to python bindings
      python: call fault_setup() if samba.getopt is used
      printing: remove unused arguments from load_printers()
      printing: remove unused arguments from delete_and_reload_printers()
      smbd: add create_conn_struct_tos[_cwd]() helper functions
      pysmbd: remove useless explicit conn_free() from set_nt_acl_conn()
      pysmbd: consitently use talloc_stackframe() for temporary memory
      pysmbd: fix some talloc_stackframe() memory leaks and clean up the frame hierarchy in make_simple_acl().
      pysmbd: remove explicit talloc_stackframe() from get_conn() and name it get_conn_tos()
      pysmbd: make use of create_conn_struct_tos()
      smbd: make use of create_conn_struct_tos() in get_nt_acl_no_snum()
      s3:rpc_server/fss: use talloc_stackframe() for temporary memory
      s3:rpc_server/fss: make use of create_conn_struct_tos()
      smbd: add an explicit talloc_stackframe() to {create,remove}_msdfs_link()
      smbd: add an explicit talloc_stackframe() to get_referred_path()
      smbd: add an explicit talloc_stackframe() to count_dfs_links()
      smbd: add an explicit talloc_stackframe() to form_junctions()
      smbd: convert junction_to_local_path() to use create_conn_struct_tos_cwd()
      smbd: convert get_referred_path() to use create_conn_struct_tos_cwd()
      smbd: convert count_dfs_links() to use create_conn_struct_tos_cwd()
      smbd: convert form_junctions() to use create_conn_struct_tos_cwd()
      s3:rpc_server/srvsvc: add an explicit talloc_stackframe() to _srvsvc_NetGetFileSecurity()
      s3:rpc_server/srvsvc: add an explicit talloc_stackframe() to _srvsvc_NetSetFileSecurity()
      s3:rpc_server/srvsvc: _srvsvc_NetGetFileSecurity() to use create_conn_struct_tos_cwd()
      s3:rpc_server/srvsvc: _srvsvc_NetSetFileSecurity form_junctions() to use create_conn_struct_tos_cwd()
      printing: add more 'const' to read only input pointers
      printing: add an explicit talloc_stackframe() to get_correct_cversion()
      printing: add an explicit talloc_stackframe() to move_driver_to_download_area()
      printing: add an explicit talloc_stackframe() to delete_driver_files()
      printing: convert get_correct_cversion() to use create_conn_struct_tos_cwd()
      printing: convert move_driver_to_download_area() to use create_conn_struct_tos_cwd()
      printing: convert delete_driver_files() to use create_conn_struct_tos_cwd()
      smbd: remove unused create_conn_struct_cwd() function
      vfstest: make use of create_conn_struct_tos()
      smbd: let create_conn_struct_tos() use create_conn_struct_as_root() directly
      smbd: remove unused create_conn_struct() function
      smbd: use pconn = talloc_move(ctx, &conn) in create_conn_struct_as_root()
      smbd: call samba_tevent_context_init() within create_conn_struct_as_root()
      vfs_glusterfs: use tevent_req_defer_callback() in order to use the correct event context
      smbd: make smbd_setup_sig_{term,hup}_handler() static
      smbd: split out a fsp_flush_write_time_update() function from update_write_time_handler()
      smbd: remove useless allow_access() check for AS_GUEST
      smbd: don't call change_to_root_user() before change_to_guest()
      s3:lib: add caching to set_current_user_info()
      smbd: remove xconn->client->last_session_id based set_current_user_info() caching
      smbd: split out set_current_case_sensitive() and chdir_current_service() functions
      smbd: call set_current_case_sensitive() before chdir_current_service()
      smbd: let check_user_ok() construct ent->session_info in one coherent block
      smbd: simplify the logic in change_to_user()
      smbd: move current_user caching to change_to_user_internal()
      smbd: call set_current_user_info() in change_to_user_internal() and pop_conn_ctx()
      smbd: make it explicit that make_connection_snum() returns NT_STATUS_OK on success
      smbd: remember that the tcon completely setup connection_struct
      smbd: call set_current_case_sensitive() before change_to_user() in switch_message()
      smbd: make it possible to call vfs_ChDir(conn, conn->cwd_fname);
      smbd: let create_conn_struct_as_root() fill in conn->origpath
      smbd: use conn->lastused_count++ directly in process_blocking_lock_queue()
      smbd: remove useless set_current_service(NULL,0,True) from reload_services()
      smbd: call chdir_current_service() directly in smbXsrv_tcon_disconnect()
      smbd: remove set_current_service() from defer_rename_done()
      smbd: remove set_current_service() from smbd_smb2_request_check_tcon()
      smbd: call chdir_current_service() in change_to_user_internal() and pop_conn_ctx()
      smbd: let switch_message() only call chdir_current_service() for SMBtdis/SMBexit
      smbd: remove unused set_current_service()
      smbd: avoid calling set_current_user_info() twice with AS_USER (SMB1)
      smbd: avoid calling set_current_user_info() twice with .need_tcon (SMB2)
      vfs_default: remove unused checks which are already caught by vfs_offload_token_check_handles()
      vfs_btrfs: remove unused checks which are already caught by vfs_offload_token_check_handles()
      vfs_btrfs: update s/btrfs_cc_state/btrfs_offload_write_state/ s/cc_state/state/
      vfs_btrfs: don't keep state->subreq in btrfs_offload_write_send/recv()
      smbd: add {become,change_to}_user_by_fsp() helper functions
      vfs_btrfs: make use of become_user_by_fsp() in order to switch between src and dst fsp
      vfs_default: make use of change_to_user_by_fsp() in order to switch between src and dst fsp
      vfs_default: maintain vfswrap_offload_write_state->{src_ev,dst_ev}
      smbd: rename smbXsrv_client->ev_ctx into smbXsrv_client->raw_ev_ctx
      smbd: replace xconn->ev_ctx with xconn->client->raw_ev_ctx
      smbd: replace xconn->msg_ctx with xconn->client->msg_ctx
      smbd: remove unused tevent_context argument from notify_init
      s3:smb2_server: use req->xconn->client->raw_ev_ctx for smbd_smb2_request_pending_timer()
      s3:smb2_server: use req->xconn->client->raw_ev_ctx for smbd_smb2_request_dispatch_immediate()
      smbd: use req->xconn->client->raw_ev_ctx for schedule_deferred_open_message_smb()
      smbd: add smbd_server_connection->raw_ev_ctx pointer
      vfs_glusterfs: explain that/why we use the raw tevent_context in init_gluster_aio()
      smbd: explain that/why we use the raw tevent_context for update_write_time_handler()
      smbd: explain that/why we use the raw tevent_context for lease_timeout_handler()
      smbd: explain that/why we use the raw tevent_context for oplock_timeout_handler()
      smbd: explain that/why we use the raw tevent_context for do_break_to_none()
      smbd: explain that/why we use the raw tevent_context for linux_oplock_signal_handler()
      smbd: use raw_ev_ctx to clear the MSG_SMB_CONF_UPDATED registration
      smbd: add smbd_server_connection->{root,guest}_ev_ctx pointer
      smbd: use sconn->root_ev_ctx for brl_timeout_fn()
      smbd: use sconn->root_ev_ctx for smbd_sig_{term,hup}_handler()
      smbd: add an effective connection_struct->user_ev_ctx that holds the event context used for the current user
      smbd: add an effective {smb,smbd_smb2}_request->ev_ctx that holds the event context used for the request processing
      smbd: remove unused smbd_server_connection->ev_ctx
      python/tests: make the test_assoc_group_fail2() test more resilient against timing
      s4:messaging: add local.messaging.multi_ctx.multi_ctx test
      s3:messages: make the loop in msg_dgm_ref_recv() more robust against stale pointers
      tevent: make use of tevent_common_wakeup() in the poll and poll_mt backends
      tevent: rewrite/simplify tevent_poll and maintain ev->fd_events correctly
      tevent/testsuite: return after torture_fail()
      tevent: allow tevent_abort() to cope with ev == NULL
      tevent: make tevent_abort() available for backends
      tevent: use struct initializers for tevent_fd
      tevent: use struct initializers for tevent_timer
      tevent: use struct initializers for tevent_signal
      tevent: use struct initializers for tevent_immediate
      tevent: use _tevent_schedule_immediate() to move events from a thread to the main_ev
      tevent: add tevent_threaded_schedule_immediate_destructor that just aborts
      tevent: add tevent_common_check_double_free() helper function
      tevent: simplify tevent_cleanup_pending_signal_handlers()
      tevent: use talloc_zero() in tevent_signal.c
      tevent: simplify tevent_signal_destructor()
      tevent: split out tevent_common_invoke_signal_handler()
      tevent: split out tevent_common_invoke_timer_handler()
      tevent: split out tevent_common_invoke_immediate_handler()
      tevent: split out tevent_common_invoke_fd_handler()
      tevent: make use of #include "system/threads.h"
      tevent: add tevent_context_wrapper_create() infrastructure
      tevent: version 0.9.37

Swen Schillig (8):
      ctdb-daemon: CID 1435732: Argument cannot be negative
      CID 1416478: de-ref NULL value in fruit_pwrite_rsrc
      CID 1416477: possibly dereferencing NULL in fruit_pwrite_meta
      CID 1416476: possibly dereferencing NULL in fruit_ftruncate_rsrc
      CID 1416475: possibly dereferencing NULL in fruit_pread_meta
      Possible memory leak in map_info6_to_validation
      Possible memory leak in map_info3_to_validation
      ctdb-common: replace talloc / memcpy by talloc_memdup

Tim Beale (29):
      dsdb: Add log when ignoring a replicated object outside of partition
      tests: Increase minPwdAge used for PSO tests
      tests: Increase PSO test timeouts to minimise failures
      remove_dc: Fix removal of an old Windows DC
      tests: Add test that Samba cannot be started with a backup DB
      tests: Add basic test for non-global LoadParm behaviour
      selftest: Update MAX_WRAPPED_INTERFACES comment to match code
      provision: set 'binddns dir' when making new smb.conf
      dbchecker: Fixing up incorrect DNs wasn't working
      provision: Small refactor to host-IP logic
      join: Rename dc_join() so it looks like an object
      join: Refactor clone_only case to simplify code
      join: Remove unnecessary clone_only flag
      selftest: Add testenv for testing backup/restore
      tests: Add a sub-set of tests to show the restored DC is sound
      drs_utils: Add infrastructure to support 'clone with rename'
      join: Add more framework for renaming a domain
      drs_utils: Always set the GET_TGT flag for clone renames
      tests: Tweak the backup online tests so they're generic
      netcmd: Add 'samba-tool domain backup rename' command
      netcmd: Extend 'backup restore' command to handle renamed domains
      selftest: Add dedicated RENAMEDC testenv for 'backup rename'
      tests: Add new tests for backup-rename command
      netcmd: Use dbcheck to fix DB problems introduced by restore itself
      netcmd: Add no-secrets option to domain backups
      netcmd: Add brief log file of what the backup actually contains
      selftest: Add a 'LABDC' testenv to mimic a preproduction test-bed
      netcmd: Add sanity-check for invalid domain rename args
      WHATSNEW: Added entries for PSOs, domain backup/restore, and rename

Timur I. Bakeyev (5):
      Fix UDP DNS queries in addns
      Make sure that vfs*audit modules recognize and accept all the syslog facilities.
      Make "none" the default setting for the successful and failed operations in the vfs_full_audit, so you don't blow up your server by just adding this module to the configuration.
      Document that vfs_full_audit defaults are "none" for the successful and failed operations.
      vfs_audit: Extend list of recognized syslog(3) facilities and wrap them into #ifdef's. That list should be comprehensive enough to cover most of the existing OSes.

Volker Lendecke (25):
      selftest: Fix resolv_wrapper config variables
      dnsupdate: Fix a typo
      dns: Simplify logic a bit
      dns: Simplify logic a bit
      dns: TALLOC_FREE already checks for !=NULL
      dns: Check for talloc_memdup failure
      dsdb: Fix CID 1436920 Unchecked return value
      dsdb: Fix CID 1436919 Unchecked return value
      dsdb: Fix CID 1436918 Unchecked return value
      dsdb: Fix typos
      dsdb: Fix CID 1435966 Unchecked return value
      dsdb: Fix CID 1435968 Dereference before null check
      winbindd: Align integer types in for loops
      winbindd: Use is_domain_offline() where appropriate
      winbindd: Do an early TALLOC_FREE
      winbindd: Add a missing NULL check
      winbindd: Fix winbindd_ping_dc_recv
      dsdb: Fix a typo
      addns: Fix a typo
      librpc/crypto: Fix a misleading comment
      idmap_hash: Align integer types
      lib: Align integer types
      winbind: Fix a typo
      talloc_stack: Call talloc destructors while frame is still around
      tevent: Add tevent_req_profile


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