[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - annotated tag tdb-1.3.16 created

Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Thu Jul 12 05:54:18 UTC 2018

The annotated tag, tdb-1.3.16 has been created
        at  1830c1e4027572713cbafe276d0ececebf040417 (tag)
   tagging  b9efc5a628007f84c650789027385faaace913e8 (commit)
  replaces  tevent-0.9.37
 tagged by  Stefan Metzmacher
        on  Thu Jul 12 07:54:09 2018 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tdb: tag release tdb-1.3.16


Aaron Haslett (12):
      dns: record aging tests
      rpc dns: setting timestamp to 0 on RPC processed records
      rpc dns: reading zone properties from LDB
      rpc dns: reset dword aging related zone properties
      dns: moving name_equal func into common
      dns: server side implementation of record aging
      dns: custom match rule for DNS records to be tombstoned
      dns: Use ldb.SCOPE_SUBTREE in ldap_get_records() routine in tests/dns.py
      dns: dns record scavenging function (without task)
      dns+kcc: adding dns scavenging to kcc periodic run
      dns: update tool changed for scavenging
      dns: static records

Andrew Bartlett (11):
      WHATSNEW: Add entry for "Dynamic DNS record scavenging support"
      docs: Explain that "max xmit" is SMB1 only
      WHATSNEW: Fix spelling
      selftest: Add tests for samba.auth.admin_session()
      python: Add samba.auth.session_info_fill_unix()
      tests/posixacl: Test with and without filling in the unix_token
      WHATSNEW: document sysvolreset improvement
      WHATSNEW: Explain that Jansson is requied for AD DC, mention --without-json-audit
      docs: Remove mention of --without-json-audit from the AD DC
      ldb: Ban ldb 1.4.x with Samba 4.8 and earlier
      ldb: Refuse to build Samba against a newer minor version of ldb

Bob Campbell (1):
      python/tests: check setting values on dnsRecord attributes

Gary Lockyer (5):
      smb.conf: add dns_zone_scavenging
      dns: Reformat DNS with clang-format
      tests dns: fix rpc null byte test
      tests dns: dns.py remove flake8 warnings
      tests dns: dns_base.py remove flake8 warnings

Joe Guo (16):
      pysmbd: add session_info arg to get_conn_tos
      pysmbd: add session_info arg to py_smbd_set_nt_acl
      smbd/msdfs: add null check for session_info.unix_info
      smbd/posix_acls: reuse secutiry token from session info if exist
      ntacls: reuse predefined SECURITY_SECINFO_FLAGS
      ntacls: add session_info arg to setntacl and pass down to set_nt_acl api
      provision/setsysvolacl: build session_info and pass down to setntacl
      provision/setsysvolacl: create helper function to simplify code
      tests/posixacl: rm commented code
      tests/posixacl: define global DOM_SID to make code DRY
      tests/posixacl: define global ACL to make code DRY
      tests/posixacl: remove unused imports
      tests/posixacl: use assertRaises to simplify code
      tests/posixacl: rm duplicated test
      tests/posixacl: move setUp and tearDown to top
      tests/posixacl: derive a new testcase to run same tests with session

Stefan Metzmacher (7):
      s3:messages: protect against usage of wrapper tevent_context objects for messaging
      s3:messages: allow messaging_{dgm,ctdb}_register_tevent_context() to use wrapper tevent_context
      s3:messages: allow messaging_dgm_ref() to use wrapper tevent_context
      s3:messages: allow messaging_filtered_read_send() to use wrapper tevent_context
      s4:messaging: allow imessaging_post_handler() to free the messaging context from a handler
      s4:messaging: make sure only imessaging_client_init() can be used with a wrapper tevent_context wrapper
      tdb: version 1.3.16

Timur I. Bakeyev (1):
      WHATSNEW: Add note about defaults changes for the vfs_full_audit and acceptance of all syslog facilities for all audit modules.

Volker Lendecke (5):
      lib: Multi-line a long line in wscript_build
      lib: Add tevent_req_profile helpers
      torture: Test tevent_req_profile
      winbindd: Convert process_request() to tevent_req
      winbindd: Do request profiling


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