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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Thu Feb 23 23:26:25 MST 2012

The annotated tag, samba-4.0.0alpha18 has been created
        at  b9298b97efc6350d9ed363463c1bc4b90cecac25 (tag)
   tagging  0a4827f594c87e5f0866999e8cfcae29c72ce675 (commit)
  replaces  tevent-0.9.15
 tagged by  Andrew Bartlett
        on  Fri Feb 24 17:25:48 2012 +1100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
samba4: tag release samba-4.0.0alpha18
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Amitay Isaacs (20):
      mkversion: Add quotes around various version strings
      s4-dsdb: Check if metadata.tdb exists, before trying to open it
      lib/tdb2: Do not include config.h in (to-be) public library, use replace.
      lib/tdb2: Mark public function as such
      lib/tdb2: Fix wscript
      lib/tdb2: Convert tdb2 to a standalone library
      lib/tdb2: 2.0.0 ABI
      dlz_bind9: Do not remove LDB record in subrdataset and delrdataset
      samba-tool: dns: Add MXRecord type to add/update mx records
      samba-tool: dns: Convert dns data in a string to DNS record
      samba-tool: dns: Convert dns data into a dns record for comparison
      samba-tool: dns: Add support to add/update/delete MX and SRV records
      samba-tool: dns: Add extra references for string objects as workaround
      samba-tool: dns: Fix the output display of DNS records
      samba-tool: dns: Update the copyright
      dlz_bind9: Fix the log message level
      s4-provision: dns: Refactor population of dns data code
      s4-provision: dns: Do not re-calculate ntdsguid, use from names
      s4-provision: dns: Add txt DNS record
      upgradedns: Upgrade DNS provision from BIND9_FLATFILE to AD based DNS

Andreas Schneider (4):
      s3-net: Don't use an internal krb5 for kdc lookup.
      s3-libsmb: Remove obsolete smb_krb5_locate_kdc.
      s4-heimdal: Remove the execute flag of cfx.c.
      waf: Make sure libraries are installed with the execute flag set.

Andrew Bartlett (129):
      credentials: Show returned error_string in debug message
      heimdal: Re-run lexyacc.sh
      heimdal_build: omit #line statments
      heimdal: Re-run lexyacc.sh to remove #line statements
      build: Add --enable-coverage option to build with gcov support
      charset: Remove unused iconv_talloc()
      s3-charcnv: Remove unused pull_string_fn
      s3-registry: Remove unused prs_uint8()
      s3-lib: Remove unused pid_path()
      s4-cmdline: Remove unused popt_common_dont_ask()
      s4-lib/tls: remove unused tls_support()
      charset: Remove unused strcmp_w()
      lib/util: Remove unused str_format_nbt_domain()
      s4-lib/samba3: Remove unused smbpasswd_decode_acb_info()
      s3-param: Remove unused share_defined()
      s3-libsmb: Remove unused smb_krb5_mk_error()
      s3-charcnv: Remove unused rpcstr_push()
      s3-lib: Remove unused is_myworkgroup()
      s3-libsmb: Remove unused kerberos_compatible_enctypes
      s3-libsmb: Remove unused kerberos_set_creds_enctype()
      s4-nbt_server: remove unused winsdb_get_seqnumber()
      Revert "gensec: Fix a memory corruption in gensec_use_kerberos_mechs"
      gensec: set flag to continue in outer for loop in gensec_use_kerberos_mechs
      gensec: explain gensec_use_kerberos_mechs() logic
      auth: Pass in the SMB username (for %U) into generate_session_info
      s3-lib/addns: Move to system/kerberos.h and HAVE_KRB5
      s3-libads: Move to using only the HAVE_KRB5 define
      s3-build: expliticly require gssapi for HAVE_KRB5 and remove HAVE_GSSAPI
      selftest: Allow setup_env() to signal that an environment name is unknown
      s3-selftest: Do not assume $USERNAME is the same as $DC_USERNAME
      s3-nmbd: Initialise newly non-static variables
      wintest: connect to correct hostname in test_net_use
      wintest: Retry joining the domain a few times
      wintest: Allow access denied when turning off the firewall
      wintest: Update VM used for W2K8R2A
      wintest: s3 moved smb.conf to /etc
      wintest: Cope with nc not timing out even when -w 1 is specified
      wintest: Samba is now all version 4.0
      wintest: Give the Windows VM a little more time to start back up
      wintest: Change Windows 7 VM
      wintest: update WinXP-1 snapshot
      selftest: Make plugin_s4_dc set the cached environment correctly
      selftest: Do not start up an already-running test environment
      s3-selftest: Require SMB signing for ktest environment
      selftest: skip targets that are not compiled in if we do not have ADS
      selftest: Run nsstest against more environments
      selftest: skip plugin_s4_dc if we do not have ADS
      s3-smbd: Avoid starting log lines with the word 'error'
      selftest: Remove 'if have_ads_support:' from tests.py
      s3-selftest: Remove .posix_s3 from s3 test names
      s3-librpc: make gensec result handling more generic
      s3-librpc: Remove unused bool gensec_hook
      s3-gse: Use the session key type, not the lucid context to set NEW_SPNEGO
      s3-librpc: Use gensec_spnego for DCE/RPC authentication
      s3-smbd Remove unused code now we always have SPNEGO via gensec
      s3-param Remove off-by-default and unused "send spnego principal"
      s3-librpc: Remove gse_verify_server_auth_flags
      lib/util: Remove unused sys_select_signal()
      lib/util: Remove sys_poll as it is no longer needed
      wintest: Allow Windows VM to have no default route
      wintest: use net rpc to put authenticated users into TelentClients if we need to
      wintest: give host longer to register the SRV record
      s3-gse: Remove unused OID declaration
      s3-librpc: Remove backup declaration of GSS_C_DCE_STYLE
      s3-gse: Fix OID to read for kerberos key type
      s3-gse: Allow kerberos key type OID to be optional
      auth/kerberos: Move gse_get_session_key() to common code and use in gensec_gssapi
      wintest: Update Win2003 VM
      build: Add exceptions for callcatcher unused function detection
      s3-build: Use credentials_ntlm.c in the autoconf build as well
      s3-auth Hook checking passwords and generating session_info via the auth4_context
      auth: Move the rest of the source4 gensec_ntlmssp code to the top level
      auth: Cope with NO_USER_SESSION_KEY from security=server
      s3-auth: Add extra error messages on authentication or authorization failure
      s3-auth: Use common gensec_ntlmssp server functions for more of gensec_ntlmssp3_server
      s3-auth Use the common gensec_ntlmssp_update in gensec_ntlmssp3_server
      s3-auth: Inline ntlmssp_server_start() into gensec_ntlmssp3_server_start()
      s3-auth: Only allow LM_KEY cryptography when extra options are set
      auth: Set NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_SIGN when session key support is required
      s3-auth: Remove a layer of indirection and reorder to match gensec_ntlmssp_server_start()
      s3-auth: Use the lpcfg_ wrapper calls to set some variables
      auth: Rearrange ntlmssp code for clarity
      s3-auth: Allow NTLMSSP features to be disabled with smb.conf options for testing
      auth: Provide a way to specify the NTLMSSP server name to GENSEC
      s3-auth: Use the gensec-supplied DNS domain name and hostname.
      s3-auth: Use common gensec_ntlmssp_server_start
      s3-auth: Use common gensec_ntlmssp
      auth: Make more of the ntlmssp code private or static
      auth: Allow the netbios name and domain to be set from winbindd in ntlm_auth3
      s3-registry Remove unused dup_registry_value() and free_registry_value()
      s3-lib Remove unused sys_fseek()
      s3-lib Remove unused sys_fcntl_long()
      s3-lib: Remove unused standard_sub_conn()
      lib/util: Remove unused sys_gethostbyname()
      lib/util: Remove unused sys_inet_makeaddr()
      lib/util: Remove unused sys_recv()
      lib/util: Remove unused sys_sendto()
      selftest: Fix selftest to check ADS functionalty again
      auth: Reorder arguments to generate_session_info
      s3-build: allow gcov testing by linking timelimit with --coverage
      s3-secrets: Remove unused secrets_delete_machine_password()
      s3-secrets: Remove unused secrets_delete_generic()
      s4-selftest: Avoid running kinit for each new connection
      s3-winbindd: pass logon parmeters down to check_sam_security()
      s3-ntlm_auth: allow ntlm_auth --diagnostics to pass again
      s3-selftest: Add test for ntlm_auth --diagnostics
      s4-smbd: Show time event was expected to run, as well as the current wall clock time
      build: Add libbsd as a dep for LIBREPLACE_HOSTCC
      selftest: test member server tests in security=ads
      nsstest: Allocate the correct sized buffer for initgroups
      s3-rpc_server Remove unused function auth_generic_server_start()
      s3-libsmb: Remove unused spnego functions
      wintest: Change to a new Win2008R2 VM
      s3-utils: Remove unused connect_to_ipc_krb5()
      s3-libads: Remove unused ads_pull_sids_from_extendeddn()
      s3-libads: Remove unused ads_set_machine_password()
      s4-provision: Fix typo in 9b9fdeefb47f2657c9bb4c2f48318550da510209
      selftest: Do not skip environments that fail to start up
      s3-auth: Add a way to get an auth4_context from the auth stack
      auth: Rename some elements of auth4_context
      s3-auth: Provide helper routine to check password and return session_info
      s3-ntlm_auth: Convert ntlm_auth to use gensec_ntlmssp server-side
      s3-libsmb: Remove unused ntlmssp_server_start()
      auth: consolidate gensec_ntlmssp_server wrapper functions
      auth: Remove plugable password-check functions from gensec_ntlmssp
      s3-selftest: run ntlm_auth against winbindd in make test
      s3-selftest: Verify GK and GF flag behaviour
      s3-libsmb: Remove unused spnego_parse_auth_and_mic
      prepare WHATSNEW for Samba 4.0alpha18 release and mark as release.

Björn Baumbach (3):
      s3-printing: Add new printers to registry.
      s4-selftest: fix output of opened connections in torture_holdcon
      s4-scripting: samba-tool: Fix domain info usage message

Christian Ambach (5):
      s4:torture: add some SMB2 renaming tests
      selftest: add smb2.rename to testsuite
      s3:vfs_gpfs: fix a compiler warning
      s3:vfs_gpfs:quieten an expectable warning message
      s4:torture: add another SMB2 rename test

Christof Schmitt (1):
      s3:vfs_gpfs:Fix query of creation time from GPFS

Christopher R. Hertel (crh) (1):
      Rename obscure defined constants.

Dave Abrahams (1):
      waf: make "update-waf" script work on Darwin too

David Disseldorp (1):
      s3-printing: fix crash in printer_list_set_printer()

Jelmer Vernooij (18):
      wafsamba: Expand tabs.
      tests/source: Add wafsamba/ files to list of Python files to check.
      gitignore: Ignore waf cache files.
      waf: Add initial unit test for samba_utils.
      wafsamba: Add tests for unique_list, subst_vars_error.
      wafsamba: Add tests for dict_concat.
      wafsamba: Fix some whitespace issues.
      waf: Update to new upstream version.
      pygensec: Fix whitespace.
      samba.web_server: Fix use of whitespace.
      s4-python: Various formatting fixes.
      library_flags: Leave setting of CPPPATH to waf too.
      popt: Use pkg-config file to look for popt.
      Use uselib in CHECK_HEADER.
      waf: Use libraries when building.
      Revert 42d4152ed4255f22ff0718d450f181468d7fb827.
      popt: Check for popt manually as well, not just using pkg-config.
      dcerpc_server: Add 'modulesdir' variable to pkg-config file.

Jeremy Allison (2):
      Replace smbd_server_connection_loop_once() with tevent_loop_once() directly.
      Fix a bunch of "unused variable" warnings.

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer (10):
      LDB:pyldb.c - use always the case insensitive comparison for attribute names
      s4:join python code - "msDS-KeyVersionNumber" does not exist on Win2k
      s4:samba-tool fsmo * - fix missing "takes_optiongroups"
      s4:lib/tls - include GNUTLS headers consistently using <...>
      examples/testsmbc.c - remove unused variables
      examples/testsmbc.c - remove unused function "print_list_fn"
      examples/testsmbc.c - quiet implicit cast warnings on OpenSolaris
      examples/testsmbc.c - substitute deprecated function "bzero" with "memset"
      s3:wscript_build - fix TDB dependency for source3/lib/util.c
      s3:smbd/utmp.c - fix the build on FreeBSD 9 without utmp.h

Matthieu Patou (2):
      s3-winbindd: set the can_do_validation6 also for trusted domain
      s3-waf: add dependency on talloc or it won't build if talloc.h is not in the default include path

Michael Adam (14):
      s4:provision: don't log the ldap admin password - it is internal only
      s4:provision: generate the adminpass provision() instead of provision_fill()
      s4:provision: only print the adminpass if it was generated (not user-provided)
      wafsamba: fix blacklist handling in "make dist"
      wafsamba: exclude '.gitignore' from "make dist"
      wafsamba: exclude '.brzignore' from "make dist"
      s4:torture: improve comment for the smb2.durable-open.reopen1 test
      s4:torture:smb2: invalidate the handle after the connection has been killed
      s4:torture:smb2: fix a typo in the durable-open.open test file name
      s4:torture:smb2: move some initialization and call to smb2_create together in durable-open.open test
      s4:torture:smb2:durable-open: rename the open test to open-lease
      s4:torture:smb2: extend and prettify comment for durable-open.open-lease test
      s4:torture:smb2: add a durable-open.open-oplock test
      s4:smbcli:smb2: add a random GUID to the transport connection in smb2_transport_init()

Richard Sharpe (1):
      Honor SeTakeOwnershiPrivilege when client asks for SEC_STD_WRITE_OWNER but has no permission for that, but token has SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege

Rusty Russell (7):
      tdb: make tdb_private.h idempotent.
      tdb: import unit tests from CCAN into tdb/test/
      tdb: wean CCAN-style unit tests off of tap.
      tdb/test: fix up tests for use in SAMBA tdb code.
      tdb: build and run unit tests in tdb/test/
      lib/ccan: define HAVE_CCAN.
      lib/tdb2: tools should use config.h, and replace where available.

Stefan Metzmacher (8):
      selftest: mark posix_s3.rpc.spoolss.printer as flakey test
      s3:vfs_gpfs: be less verbose in get/set_xattr functions
      s3:vfs_gpfs: make "gpfs:winattr" a per share option
      s3:vfs_gpfs: make "gpfs:ftruncate" a per share option
      s3:vfs_gpfs: make "gpfs:getrealfilename" a per share option
      s3:smbd/oplock_linux: don't overwrite private_data
      s3:rpc_client: fix comment
      docs-xml: remove docs for "send spnego principal"

Sumit Bose (1):
      s3-auth: On successful user mapping set mapped_to_guest to false.

Volker Lendecke (21):
      gensec: Fix a memory corruption in gensec_use_kerberos_mechs
      s3-smb2: Make sure we have a subreq set
      s3-smb2: Use the correct indicator if a request was deferred
      libndr: Add ndr_map_error2errno
      s3: files_struct->mode is only written, remove it
      tevent_signal: Fix a valgrind error
      s3: Add SERVERID_UNIQUE_ID_NOT_TO_VERIFY, bug 8760
      s3: get_share_mode_lock->get_existing_share_mode_lock
      s3: get_share_mode_lock_fresh->get_share_mode_lock
      s3-vfstest: Initialize some more
      s3: Fix some blank line endings
      s3: Remove a pointless else branch
      s3-vfstest: Remove an unused variable
      s3: Fix bug 8567 -- segfault in dom_sid_compare
      s3: Fix typos
      s3: Fix smbd -i
      s3: Add an error msg when a share mode entry is discarded
      s3-vfstest: Initialize some more
      s3-vfstest: Fake smb_requests
      s3-vfstest: Return an error code if cmd failed
      s3: smb_request->vwv can be const


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