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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Thu Feb 23 23:21:02 MST 2012

The branch, master has been updated
       via  0cf7a36 on our way with Samba 4.0alpha19
       via  0a4827f prepare WHATSNEW for Samba 4.0alpha18 release and mark as release.
       via  cab24da s3-libsmb: Remove unused spnego_parse_auth_and_mic
      from  f14dffa s3-selftest: Verify GK and GF flag behaviour


- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 0cf7a3680aee282dd6c1a012401df83e2e111a2d
Author: Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at samba.org>
Date:   Fri Feb 24 15:24:00 2012 +1100

    on our way with Samba 4.0alpha19
    Autobuild-User: Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at samba.org>
    Autobuild-Date: Fri Feb 24 07:20:10 CET 2012 on sn-devel-104

commit 0a4827f594c87e5f0866999e8cfcae29c72ce675
Author: Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at samba.org>
Date:   Thu Feb 16 16:45:10 2012 +1100

    prepare WHATSNEW for Samba 4.0alpha18 release and mark as release.

commit cab24da68dbebc419efaaf660b20994b71e42203
Author: Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at samba.org>
Date:   Fri Feb 24 12:36:23 2012 +1100

    s3-libsmb: Remove unused spnego_parse_auth_and_mic


Summary of changes:
 VERSION                    |    2 +-
 WHATSNEW.txt               |   94 +++++++++++++++++++------------------------
 source3/include/proto.h    |    2 -
 source3/libsmb/clispnego.c |   40 -------------------
 upgrading-samba4.txt       |    8 ++++
 5 files changed, 51 insertions(+), 95 deletions(-)

Changeset truncated at 500 lines:

diff --git a/VERSION b/VERSION
index 866376e..952ff93 100644
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ SAMBA_VERSION_TP_RELEASE=
 # e.g. SAMBA_VERSION_ALPHA_RELEASE=1                   #
 #  ->  "4.0.0alpha1"                                   #
 # For 'pre' releases the version will be               #
diff --git a/WHATSNEW.txt b/WHATSNEW.txt
index 3fac360..a9258b0 100644
--- a/WHATSNEW.txt
+++ b/WHATSNEW.txt
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-What's new in Samba 4 alpha17
+What's new in Samba 4 alpha18
 Samba 4.0 will be the next version of the Samba suite and incorporates
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ and above.
-Samba4 alpha17 is not a final Samba release, however we are now making
+Samba4 alpha18 is not a final Samba release, however we are now making
 good progress towards a Samba 4.0 release, of which this is a preview.
 Be aware the this release contains both the technology of Samba 3.6
 (that you can reasonably expect to upgrade existing Samba 3.x releases
@@ -55,84 +55,74 @@ programs to interface to Samba's internals, and many tools and
 internal workings of the DC code is now implemented in python.
-For a list of changes since alpha 15, please see the git log.
+For a list of changes since alpha 17, please see the git log.
 $ git clone git://git.samba.org/samba.git
 $ cd samba.git
-$ git log release-4-0-0alpha16..release-4-0-0alpha17
+$ git log samba-4.0.0alpha17..samba-4.0.0alpha18
 Some major user-visible changes include:
-samba-tool dbcheck
+Improvements to DNS servers.  Samba4 now has 3 options for the
+handling of DNS:  The default option is to use the BIND 9.8 DLZ plugin,
+which stores the information about the DNS zone in the directory.
+There is also an internal DNS server (but which does not support
+secure DNS updates at this time) and the flat file BIND 9.8 backend
+(storing the data in traditional zone files).
-We now have an fsck-like tool for Samba's internal sam.ldb database.
-Run samba-tool dbcheck after installation to check your database for
-self-consistency.  Any database created with a previous Samba4 alpha
-will have a very large number of consistency errors, which this tool
-can fix.
+To migrate from zone files to directory based DNS servers, a migration
+tool (upgradedns) has been added.
-See also the -H option to point dbcheck at a different database to the
-default, and the --fix and --yes options to make changes and to not
-prompt about those changes. 
+samba-tool dns commands to manage DNS records stored in directory.
-After upgrading Samba, it is suggested that you do the following:
+smbwrapper (a user-space file system based on LD_PRELOAD) has been
-  - stop samba
-  - take a backup copy of your sam.ldb and sam.ldb.d/* database files
-  - run samba-tool dbcheck --cross-ncs --fix
-  - use 'all' to say yes to fixing each type of error found
-  - after it has finished, run dbcheck again to ensure it reports no
-    errors
+Improvement to the upgrade process between Samba 3.x domains and Samba
+4.0 AD domains (samba-tool domain samba3upgrade).
-There will be a lot of errors fixed, particularly related to
-bad/missing GUID values. This is due to a bug in previous releases
-that left many objects with bad GUID values. These can all be fixed
-using dbcheck with steps above.
+Some major but less visible changes include:
+Major work to bridge the code gap between the major parts of the code
+base, including a common loadparm wrapper, smb client library, as well
+as NTLMSSP, GSSAPI and SPNEGO code as part of the GENSEC
+authentication and authorization stack.
-New default paths
+Preparation work for moving to TDB2, a new version of Samba's core TDB
-The configure options for paths have changed again, and the
---enable-fhs option has been reinstated.  Packagers should attempt to
-first package Samba using:
+smbtorture tests for SMB 2 and SMB 2.2 as the team improves and
+develops support these new protocols.
-./configure --enable-fhs --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var
+Major cleanup and removal of global variables in the smbd SMB and SMB2 server.
-and only after examining the location Samba uses with these options
-should further changes be made.  Existing packaging scripts are not
-expected to work unmodified, instead the Samba Team's aim is to
-simplify such scripts for the long term. 
+Heimdal security issue 2012-01-11 - libkrb5 checksum - denial of serice
-samba-tool domain samba3upgrade
-The new samba-tool domain samba3upgrade command is a supported upgrade route from Samba
-3.x domain controllers to Samba 4.0 AD domain controllers.  This
-provides a one-time migration of all users, domain members, passwords,
-groups, group members and account polcies. 
+- upgradeprovision should not be run when upgrading to this release
+  from a recent release.  No important database format changes have
+  been made since alpha16.  
-This tool is still under development and may fail when presented with
-an inconsistant Samba3 database (such as many LDAP configurations).
-We hope to improve the error handling and recovery in these
-situations, so please provide feedback using the samba-technical
-mailing list.
+- The BIND 9 DLZ plugin is compatible only with BIND 9.8, not BIND 9.9. 
+- Systems with tdb or ldb installed as a system library may have
+  difficulty building this release of Samba4.  The --disable-tdb2
+  configure switch may be of assistance.  (Distributors who (rightly)
+  have difficulty with this may wish to wait until a future release,
+  which will soon fix this issue).
 - Installation on systems without a system iconv (and developer
   headers at compile time) is known to cause errors when dealing with
   non-ASCII characters.
 - In some situations, group members may not be upgraded by the
-  samba-tool domain upgrade_from_s3 script
-- The samba-tool domain join script will not join Windows 2000 domains.
+  samba-tool domain samba3upgrade tool
 - Domain member support in the 'samba' binary is in it's infancy, and
   is not comparable to the support found in winbindd.  As such, do not
diff --git a/source3/include/proto.h b/source3/include/proto.h
index 30fc216..f973800 100644
--- a/source3/include/proto.h
+++ b/source3/include/proto.h
@@ -874,8 +874,6 @@ bool spnego_parse_auth_response(TALLOC_CTX *ctx,
 				const char *mechOID,
 				DATA_BLOB *auth);
-bool spnego_parse_auth_and_mic(TALLOC_CTX *ctx, DATA_BLOB blob,
-				DATA_BLOB *auth, DATA_BLOB *signature);
 /* The following definitions come from libsmb/conncache.c  */
 NTSTATUS check_negative_conn_cache( const char *domain, const char *server);
diff --git a/source3/libsmb/clispnego.c b/source3/libsmb/clispnego.c
index c1b49c9..2cc2a2a 100644
--- a/source3/libsmb/clispnego.c
+++ b/source3/libsmb/clispnego.c
@@ -412,46 +412,6 @@ DATA_BLOB spnego_gen_auth(TALLOC_CTX *ctx, DATA_BLOB blob)
  parse a SPNEGO auth packet. This contains the encrypted passwords
-bool spnego_parse_auth_and_mic(TALLOC_CTX *ctx, DATA_BLOB blob,
-				DATA_BLOB *auth, DATA_BLOB *signature)
-	ssize_t len;
-	struct spnego_data token;
-	len = spnego_read_data(talloc_tos(), blob, &token);
-	if (len == -1) {
-		DEBUG(3,("spnego_parse_auth: spnego_read_data failed\n"));
-		return false;
-	}
-	if (token.type != SPNEGO_NEG_TOKEN_TARG) {
-		DEBUG(3,("spnego_parse_auth: wrong token type: %d\n",
-			token.type));
-		spnego_free_data(&token);
-		return false;
-	}
-	*auth = data_blob_talloc(ctx,
-				 token.negTokenTarg.responseToken.data,
-				 token.negTokenTarg.responseToken.length);
-	if (!signature) {
-		goto done;
-	}
-	*signature = data_blob_talloc(ctx,
-				 token.negTokenTarg.mechListMIC.data,
-				 token.negTokenTarg.mechListMIC.length);
-	spnego_free_data(&token);
-	return true;
- parse a SPNEGO auth packet. This contains the encrypted passwords
 bool spnego_parse_auth_response(TALLOC_CTX *ctx,
 			        DATA_BLOB blob, NTSTATUS nt_status,
 				const char *mechOID,
diff --git a/upgrading-samba4.txt b/upgrading-samba4.txt
index 82f562e..4cd19d5 100644
--- a/upgrading-samba4.txt
+++ b/upgrading-samba4.txt
@@ -18,3 +18,11 @@ descriptors, and upgradeprovision --full will perform a more
 comprehensive upgrade of the data (including schema and display
 specifiers).  This attempts to do a new provision, and to then copy
 existing data into that database.
+If you are upgrading from a more recent version, particularly alpha16
+or later, then it is better *NOT* to run upgradeprovision as the
+database format has not changed.
+To upgrade from BIND9 flat files to the internal database store for
+Bind 9 DLZ, use ./source4/scripting/bin/upgradedns

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