CVS update: samba/source/client

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Wed Jan 20 17:29:12 EST 1999

tpot at wrote :

> Modified Files: 
>      Tag: SAMBA_2_0 
>        client.c 
> Log Message: 
> Changed a number of ints to SMB_OFF_T. The transfer statistics printed 
> by smbclient for files >2GB were incorrect. 


	I believe this change is incorrect. You have changed
several cli_read() calls in client.c to use an SMB_OFF_T,
but the parameter in libsmb/clientgen.c takes an off_t
parameter - the two are *NOT* always equivalent.

Can you please revert this change until we look at how to
make cli_read correctly use an SMB_OFF_T offset argument, else
the compile will break on systems where SMB_OFF_T is an
off64_t and not an off_t (ie. any system using the transitional
64 bit interfaces).

libsmb needs to be changed to take 64 bit offsets & sizes
but this is much more work than just widening the parameters
as there are internal loop variables being used in cli_read
for example - these all need to be checked for 64-bit cleanness.

This is why I didn't do the 64 bit conversion in smbclient
when I did the server 64 bit work - it's a lot trickier
than it looks :-).



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