CVS update: samba/source/ubiqx

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Fri May 22 16:20:12 EST 1998

> You really didn't listen to anything I said last time 'round, did you? 

who did and didn't listen is open to interpretation.

Jeremy contacted me after you removed the includes.h. He agreed that
it had to go back in. I put it in.

I even used a method that you suggested (using an #ifdef) so that the
code would still compile/work the same when not used in Samba.

> The number one thing I'd warn against is including the ubiqx headers
> in includes.h.  The problem has to do with conflicting macro
> redefinitions.

ok, so we fix that. no problem. Anything that isn't needed outside the
module can be defined in the module (either in the C code or a

> ..and that's why I think we should be talking about it instead of
> code-changing wars.  I really *don't* think you're giving me a fair 
> chance here.  I have been very good about discussing changes with you 
> before making them.

I made my position on using includes.h very clear. You removed
it. Jeremy and I decided to put it back in. I am not going to debate
it for eternity. All code in Samba includes one global includes file.

> Trying to remain polite and calm...

I am perfectly calm :)

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