mb strings

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.anu.edu.au
Wed May 20 10:30:23 EST 1998

> Well string_replace() is in fact *only* used for pathnames.
> That's why I changed it :-).

it's also used for share names, but they also come over the wire so
that's OK.

> Probably we need a set of functions that can be multi-byte
> for things transmitted over the wire, as it's really just 
> strings that are sent to and from the client that need to
> take account of different code page sets.


> This should be fixable (I'll take a look at it). For the moment I
> don't think leaving the multibyte functions in strlower and strupper
> will do harm, as it's only when an asian code page is selected that
> any characters will be skipped.

I'm not quite sure what the consequences are for those people, but I
have a nasty feeling that it might breaks things. We use strlower in
the authentication routines (for example) to handle mixed case
passwords and usernames. 

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