Patch: disable path sanitization for modules rooted at "/"

Wayne Davison wayne at
Tue Sep 20 05:10:49 UTC 2022

On Wed, Sep 7, 2022 at 6:25 AM Thor Simon wrote:

> When running in daemon mode with a module rooted at “/” [...] it seems to
> me that path sanitization is not useful in this case.

In a typical Linux install, the default of "use chroot = true" already
results in sanitize_paths = 0 for a path "/' module, so you must have "use
chroot = false" set in your config file. The test you added is already a
part of the prior "if" since module_dirlen is 0 when the module_dir is "/".

Thus, the weird part is why the code thinks that we need to force
sanitation on for all use-chroot=off cases (especially when a chroot("/")
doesn't accomplish anything extra for a "/" path).  In looking at the
various module configuration possibilities, if we're not chrooted and not
serving "/", then a check of just module_dirlen is sufficient to get
sanitation enabled.  If we are chrooted and we have an inner module_dirlen,
that also triggers the sanitization.  So it seems to me that the earlier
check can be changed to be just "if (module_dirlen)".  I'll probably make
that change after a bit more contemplation.

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