Patch: disable path sanitization for modules rooted at "/"

Thor Simon Thor.Simon at
Wed Sep 7 13:05:37 UTC 2022

When running in daemon mode with a module rooted at "/", it is not possible to "escape" the module.

Not by prefixing a link target with "../../../../../../..".
Not by prefixing a link target with "/" nor "////".

So it seems to me that path sanitization is not useful in this case.  And it breaks stuff.  In particular, I have a file distribution system where large numbers of authenticated users can use rsync in daemon mode as a forced SSH command, authenticating as themselves, and path sanitization damages links like "../../../../../../../etc/localtime" in user directories - which may be dubious in purpose, but which are harmless.  And I am not the arbiter of my users' data in this sense.  Turning on symlink munging of course damages these data even more - I would prefer to not have it damaged at all.

Trivial fix attached.


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