Rsync 3.2.7 released

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Sun Oct 23 13:25:20 UTC 2022

Hi Wayne,


As of this release, I cannot link rsync.


**** ERROR **** [1210]:

   checksum.o: In function `csum_evp_md':

   checksum.o(.text._158011632+0xe2): unresolved reference to EVP_MD_CTX_new.


This is on the NonStop ia64 and x86 platforms. Can you guide me?





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I have released rsync 3.2.7. This has some new features & fixes, including various bug fixes for arg validation & filter-rule validation.

To see a summary of all the recent changes, visit this link:

You can download the source tar file and its signature from here:

See the website for other downloads, including diffs, patches, etc.:

See also rsync on github:


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