Syncing multiple sub-directories to one directory

Kevin Korb kmk at
Tue Sep 29 23:56:00 UTC 2020

Interesting idea.  It isn't something I have ever wanted to do.  BTW, if
your find is recent use + instead of \;.  + replaces {} with however
many entries fit in the command line length limit instead of running
individual rsync processes for each entry.

On 9/29/20 7:46 PM, Rob Campbell via rsync wrote:
> Thanks for your help.  What you provided didn't work for me because that
> still placed things in subdirectories.
> I figured it out.  This puts it all in the images directory.
> find /my/phone/root/dir/ \( -path '*Duo*' -o -path '*DCIM*' -o -path
> '*Pictures*' -o -path '*Camera*' -o -path "*Download*" -o -path
> "*textgram*" -o -path "*WhatsApp*" ! -path '*.textgram*' ! -path
> '*.thumbnails*' \) -type f \( -iname '*.jp*g' -o -iname '*.png' -o
> -iname '*.dng' -o -iname '*.raw' -o -iname '*.raw' \) -exec rsync -uz
> --progress "{}" /my/backup/directory/for/images/ \;
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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> On Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 1:33 PM Wayne Davison <wayne at
> <mailto:wayne at>> wrote:
>     On Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 7:38 AM Rob Campbell wrote:
>         I would like to sync many subdirectories into one directory with
>         no subdirectories. I've tried
>         rsync -rv --progress --include '*.jp*g' --include '*.png'
>         --include '*.dng' --include '*.raw' --include '*.nef' --include
>         'Duo' --include 'DCIM' --include 'WhatsApp' --exclude '*'
>         /my/phone/root/dir/ /my/backup/directory/for/images/
>     You didn't specify what isn't working as you expect. That command
>     works fine for the 3 listed dir names as long as you either don't
>     have matching files inside /my/phone/root/dir (or as long as it's ok
>     to also copy those files) and as long as there aren't subdirs or
>     files named the same as the 3 top dirs you included. The latter can
>     be fixed by anchoring your dir names and making them only match a
>     dir (e.g. --include '/Duo/').  If you want to have the copy avoid
>     files in the top dir you can either change all the file-based
>     includes to have a "*/" prefix (such as "--include '*/*.png' ...")
>     or you can change the dir includes into args and exclude '*/*'
>     instead of "*".  The last option would look like this (I also tossed
>     in -i):
>     rsync -riv --progress --include '*.jp*g' --include '*.png' --include
>     '*.dng' --include '*.raw' --include '*.nef' --exclude '*/*'
>     /my/phone/root/dir/{Duo,DCIM,WhatsApp} /my/backup/directory/for/images/
>     That assumes you've got bash to do the brace expansion, but you
>     could change that into 3 arg paths if you need to. You may also want
>     to add --del if you want rsync to delete inside the 3 listed dirs.
>     I'm not sure why you listed an extra command with "NewDir" when it's
>     not mentioned in the first command.  If that is an indication that
>     you really want to copy all dirs under root/dir (not just the 3
>     named dirs in the first command) then you could use an include of
>     "/*/" to match any dir in the root of the transfer, like this:
>     rsync -riv --progress --include '*.jp*g' --include '*.png' --include
>     '*.dng' --include '*.raw' --include '*.nef' --include '/*/'
>     --exclude '*' /my/phone/root/dir/ /my/backup/directory/for/images/
>     One last suggestion, I like to make the args shorter by using -f
>     (filter) commands, so an include example is -f '+ *.png' and an
>     exclude example is -f '- /*/' (those are identical to the equivalent
>     include/exclude args, so that's just personal preference).
>     ..wayne..

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