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Rupert Gallagher ruga at
Sun Aug 9 06:45:01 UTC 2020

Beach ball play is fun, but I see this ball bounched betwen rsync, openbsd and supermicro, and I am not enjoying it. I see a large cache delivered by the OS on server hardware and a program unable to use it.

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> On 7 Aug 2020, 23:44, Wayne Davison < wayne at> wrote:
> >> Also, I have 12GB of cache in ecc ram that rsync is not using.
> >It uses whatever memory it needs plus whatever filesystem caching
> >your OS provides.
> Hmmm... bad day today...
> No, it is not using all available resources. It is doing frantic
> I/O instead of buffering. The result is a appalling low transfer
> rate.
This is an OS configuration/tuning problem, not an rsync problem.
Application-level code (such as rsync) does not directly deal with
NUMA features such as external RAM banks. Support for that sort of
thing would normally be provided by the OS memory management and
filesystem code -- but (depending on the hardware details) it might
need configuration or even a specialized driver.
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