Removing folder at destination

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Fri Nov 22 15:38:41 UTC 2019

>Why not exclude 2_ASSETS from the first run, and then do a second run to
>rsync the _contents_ of 2_ASSETS to the target 01_us_eng directory?
>Add /01_us_eng/2_ASSETS/ to the exclude.txt file.
>rsync -rvz --exclude-from=exclude.txt source destination
>rsync -rvz source/01_us_eng/2_ASSETS/ destination/01_us_eng/
>(perhaps add some variation of the exclude.txt file if you're excluding
>stuff under the 2_ASSETS directory)
>> My humble question to is this, can I add an rsync command to move
>> folders 3 and 4 into 01... and delete the 2_ASSETS folder so I dont have to
>> manually do this 200 times each day?
>You can't use rsync to perform remote rename operations, which is what
>you're essentially asking for.

You can execute remote commands using ssh/rsh. If the names
stay the same then you can add the rename commands to a script
file being executed after the rsync run.

bye  Fabi

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