Kudos and feature question

Francois Payette francoisp at netmosphere.net
Mon Mar 25 17:30:43 UTC 2019

Thank you for the thorough answer, very helpful. I’ll start poking around!

best regards,

> On Mar 24, 2019, at 6:27 PM, Dave Gordon <dg32768 at zoho.eu> wrote:
> I think you would implement it as a new type of filter rule. similar to 'P' (preserve) but with a timestamp or delta-time to define what counts as 'recent' as well as the pattern to match for this rule to apply (which could just be a wildcard matching anything by default, but could also use the full pattern-matching capabilities if required).
> Have a look at:
> the 'make_backups' logic in parse_arguments(), where it adds a 'Preserve' pattern to match all backup files,
> name_is_excluded() and its subfunctions check_filter() and rule_matches() in exclude.c
> You'd need to:
> define a new filter-type character ('R' for preserve-Recent?)
> define the format of the filter rule for this type e.g. how to represent the time
> add code to parse this new ruletype in rule_matches()
> decide how your new option interacts with existing filter rules (higher or lower precedence, degree of specificity, etc)
> add code to insert one or more rules of the new type into the filter list in appropriate positions
> Also:
> bump the protocol revision number, because an old rsync wouldn't understand the new ruletype
> decide what to do in the case where one side is using the older protocol (e.g. treat it as traditional --delete, or don't delete at all?).
> So not trivial, but not impossibly difficult, and at least the changes would be fairly localised. 
> Hope this helps,
> .Dave.
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> Kudos all that maintain this awesome and enduring piece of software. Awesome job, many thanks. 
> I’ve come across a use case that would greatly benefit form a —delete-older-than <secs> argument. This would behave the same as —delete only sparing files dest that have a creating time less than <secs> ago. How hard would this be to implement? Where would I start ? 
> TIA, 
> Francois 
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