Rsync to just upload new/updated files without comparing source/destination

Amit tutejaamit5 at
Sun Nov 19 19:41:25 UTC 2017

Thanks for info. I was under the assumption that rsync will execute
followings steps:
1. Compare first to identify different files (new/updated) --> This is where
i am worried due to data size
2. Upload new/updated files
3 Remove source file

As per your comment, rsync will compare after uploading to check if files
are identical ?

Additionally i don't expect to delete directories as i want to maintain same
directory structure on source. Any insights on if following query will work
effeciently for adding new files to destination
rsync --remove-source-files -av -r <Source Root Folder> ssh
abc at<Destination Root Folder>

Assuming 5 TB of data available at destination and source has about 50 files
(New or Updated i.e. files with same name and in same folder), source file
will be removed as soon as it's uploaded.


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