Rsync to just upload new/updated files without comparing source/destination

Amit tutejaamit5 at
Sun Nov 19 17:48:09 UTC 2017


I have huge data on my destination system (>5 TB, > 400,000 files, nested
folderss) and i am trying to publish new files from our shared location to
destination system. I am looking forward to use rsync but want it to just
push new/updated files uploaded on shared server to destination. I don't
intent to keep all data to remain in sync on source server and want to
delete the source file as soon as it's uploaded to destination.

Essentially i want to keep same folder structure on source and destination
(with ability for users to add new folders) but don't want to keep files on
source. As per my understanding rsync compares files on source and
destination and then performs the sync. I am worried that this comparison
can take large amount of time due to data size.

Is there a way by which i can just upload new/updated files and new folders
to respective location in destination using rsync without doing any
comparisons? I read about --ignore-existing flag but not sure if
checksum/comparison between source and destination is still performed and
will we run into performance issues.

Is it feasible with rsync in an efficient way?


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