Combine exclude files

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Wed May 25 12:57:15 UTC 2016

At 14:19 25.05.2016, N.J. van der Horn (Nico) wrote:
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>Hi Fabi,
> From the man-page, at the end of FILTER RULES:
>Note also that the --filter, --include, and --exclude options take one rule/pattern each.
>To add multiple ones, you can repeat the options on the command-line,
>use the merge-file syntax of the --filter option, or the --include-from/--exclude-from options.
>This implies that --exclude/include/filter options can be repeated on the commandline.

I don't know. As I read this I interpret it that I can repeat single --exclude options,
and for several excludes I can use the --exclude-from option. But it doesn't say
anything about repeated --exclude-from options.

bye  Fabi

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