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Hi Fabi,

 From the man-page, at the end of FILTER RULES:

Note also that the --filter, --include, and --exclude options take one 
rule/pattern each.
To add multiple ones, you can repeat the options on the command-line,
use the merge-file syntax of the --filter option, or the 
--include-from/--exclude-from options.

This implies that --exclude/include/filter options can be repeated on 
the commandline.

Hope this helps,

Op 25-5-2016 om 12:00 schreef Fabian Cenedese:
> Hi
> I'd like to have a list of excluded items that I can always use
> and combine them with job-specific excludes (or generally filters).
> Is it possible to use --exclude-from more than once? Do I have
> to combine the exclude files into one and give this to rsync?
> Is there another possibility (that also works on Windows)?
> Thanks
> bye  Fabi

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