--partial not working?

McDowell, Blake McDowellH at si.edu
Tue Jun 28 19:10:01 UTC 2016

Thanks Paul. That should help!


For a local copy is running a plain rsync transfer ( rsync <src> <dest> ) essentially the same as a "drag-and-drop"?

The benefits of using rsync in that situation would all come from choosing flags appropriate to the desired transfer?


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On Fri 24 Jun 2016, Kevin Korb wrote:

> Again, --partial only means don't delete the incomplete file if rsync 
> is aborted.  Normally rsync will delete the incomplete file so you 
> don't have bogus files laying around.
> When you rsync to or from a network mount to rsync that is a local copy.
>  To use rsync over the network either your source or your target would 
> be hostname:/path (for rsync over ssh) or hostname::module (for an 
> rsyncd server).
> With a local copy rsync forces --whole-file because that is a simple 
> read the file from one place and write it to the other place.  If you

If you are 100% sure that the source file has not changed in the meantime, you could use -P --append as that tells rsync that the destination file is identical to the source file as far as the data exists. So rsync will just append the remaining data to the file without bothering to check it.

According to a test I did --append isn't overridden by --whole-file so it should work.


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