rsync script for snapshot backups

Henri Shustak henri.shustak at
Sun Jun 26 08:52:34 UTC 2016

> As for StoreBackup, it really does sound nice but i have to do all of this from the console of a 2bay sinology nas

I am not familiar with the specific requirements for storebackup. However, you may be interested in taking a look at LBackup :

The reason for this is two fold : 

 (1) LBackup is primarily written in BASH and this will allow you to take a look at 
      the approaches used and possibly use those approaches within your system.

 (2) LBackup is fairly portable on *NIX systems despite it being primarily developed 
     for Mac OS and Debian based distributions. I know someone made an Arch
     package at some point and it would be trivial to install or even package
     for most GNU/LINUX systems. I believe that Synology boxes are running some
     sort of GNU/LINUX under the hood.

 (3) LBackup is able to be driven and configured from the command line. Even the restore
     process is geared this way.

Hope this information is helpful.

DISCLAIMER : I am involved with the development of the LBackup project.

NOTE : If you do get LBackup running on the Synology box, then please let me know (off list) so that I know it works on a Synology Box. The kind of box and version would also be helpful if you get it working. If you need any help feel free to email the LBackup mailing list or me directly :

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