--partial not working?

McDowell, Blake McDowellH at si.edu
Fri Jun 24 15:47:47 UTC 2016


I’m running rsync -avPhi to move large video files to a remote server.  Often we have to stop a transfer midway through to push something else to the server. My hope was that the -P flag would invoke --partial and the transfer would pick-up where it left off. This does not seem to be happening. Rather, the transfer starts over from the beginning, erasing the partially transferred file.

When I redo the transfer my I see this:

>f.st..g.... afc2010039_crhp0026_mv06_concat_Williams_Cecil_J.mov

I understand what all of that means, but I don't know why it doesn't resume the partial transfer.

Do I need to change my rsync command to allow it to resume a transfer of a partially transferred file?


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