[Bug 11481] --ignore-errors must be a separate option

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Sun Jul 31 14:22:45 UTC 2016


--- Comment #6 from Paul N <sambabugs at phox.ca> ---
Slightly correction to my above comment, implying 1-2 more bugs:

- When --ignore-errors is not specified, all subsequent files fail with
'Operation not permitted (1)', which is incorrect, at least at the environment
level (the receiver might be emitting this, but not for any earthly reason as
it were).

- Using --ignore-errors also does The Wrong Thing:  Files after the problematic
file (foo.tbz2 in my above example) are shown by --progress as transferred at
increasingly fast speeds, in this case 150-200MB/sec, and the last couple
approaching twice that... without stracing this these appear to be roughly the
source filesystem read speeds?!

So, --ignore-errors being misdocumented and misimplemented appear to have come
as a pair.

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