[Bug 11481] --ignore-errors must be a separate option

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Sun Jul 31 14:10:11 UTC 2016


--- Comment #5 from sambabugs at phox.ca ---
@Kevin, your understanding here is incorrect:  rsync bails entire transfers on
things that are NOT fatal to the entire transfer, and --ignore-errors overrides
this.  I ended up stumbling upon this bug as a result of trying to remediate
the behaviour in the case of the following error:

rsync: write failed on "/mnt/PICO3/foo.tbz2": File too large (27)

--ignore-errors does indeed override the fail-through behaviour in this
otherwise non-fatal instance.

(Hint: I'm rsyncing to a vfat filesystem ;), and this file is about 4.5G.  In
addition to the fact that the --ignore-errors documentation clearly needs
revising, this raises two additional, separate bugs pertaining to a) not caring
what errno is, and b) the fact that in the spirit of saving bandwidth we should
use fallocate(2) unless a --skip-[f]allocate switch (e.g. for compressed
destination filesystems) is presented, so we're not transferring data that we
could have predicted would get thrown out... and a third for c) --progress
tells us the wrong thing when the file can no longer be grown, indicating that
the transfer is actually at 100%!)

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