[Bug 10357] make check fails for xattr tests

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Sun Jan 10 03:22:11 UTC 2016


--- Comment #9 from sluvubar at incognitomail.org ---
Over a year since this bug was opened, I'm running into it for the first time
on rsync 3.1.2. In my case, the tests "xattr" and "xattr-hlink" both fail with
"Missing hard links on" followed by a directory listing (exit code and diff
seems okay on both).

On a guess, I tried upgrading acl to 2.2.52 and attr 2.4.47, cleared my
ld.so.cache, and rsync still fails the two xattr tests. config.log shows that
xattr.h is found, usable, etc, nothing out of the ordinary AFAICT. There are a
few xattr-/acl-related config.log tests that result in "undefined reference",
but none of them cause the build to fail. 

If it helps, I'm using Arch, here's the PKGBUILD with ./configure line:

I'm building on another machine, and config.log and the test long aren't handy
but I can provide it if necessary. Is there anything I can do to further
identify the problem?

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