rsyncing from a compressed tarball.

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Thu Dec 8 13:12:00 UTC 2016

try archivemount or squashfs

Am 8. Dezember 2016 11:43:07 MEZ, schrieb Simon Hobson <linux at>:
>Ed Peschko <horos22 at> wrote:
>> As it stands right now, we use xz for our compression, so if rsync
>> a similar option for xz that would probably be an improvement.
>Have xz as an option for what ?
>As others have already pointed out, rsync works with files on
>filesystems - it does not work with files embedded in other files. In
>the same way, it doesn't work with a disk partition and work out what
>files are held within the filesystem on that partition - you are
>expected to mount that filesystem so rsync can access the files. It
>would be incredibly wasteful (understanding filesystems construction)
>to duplicate that functionality into rsync !
>I'd concur with others - if there's something like a fuse module to
>mount the compressed archive as a (read-only) fileystem then use that,
>otherwise you'll need to re-assess the whole process.
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