Recycling directories and backup performance. Was: Re: rsync --link-dest won't link even if existing file is out of date (fwd)

Henri Shustak henri.shustak at
Thu Apr 16 20:20:14 MDT 2015

> How do you handle snapshotting? or do you leave that to the block/fs virtualization layer?

I am guessing this question is directed at me. 

Firstly, when I used the word snapshot, I was referring to the snapshot in the LBackup context. It is outlined at the following page <>. As such, it is not a file system snapshot (unless you use the scripting subsystem) it is instead a backup made at a specific date and time.

Secondly, if you are using the scripting subsystem to take an actual snapshot and then possibly mount this and then use LBackup to take a snapshot of that then this uses the file system virtualization layer.

Apologies for the confusion using this word has caused. It is simply a snapshot as described and referenced though out the LBackup documentation.

Let me know if further clarification is required.

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