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Дугин Сергей drug at
Thu Apr 16 03:20:52 MDT 2015

Hi, Rsync.

I want to help rsink delete a folder with a large number of files and folders. Tried this:
rsync -a --no-D --delete /dev/null /home/rc-41/data/000000000000061/2015-04-01-07-04/
skipping non-regular file "null"

rsync -a --no-D --delete /dev/zero /home/rc-41/data/000000000000061/2015-04-01-07-04/
skipping non-regular file "zero"

That's how it turns out
rsync -a --delete /empty_folder/ /home/rc-41/data/000000000000061/2015-04-01-07-04/
But this option is not satisfied as if the disk is 100% filled to create an empty folder does not work

mkdir /empty folder/
Disk quota ekstseeded

Got an error.

find /home/rc-41/data/000000000000061/2015-04-01-07-04/ -delete
I know not suitable

rm -rf /home/rc-41/data/000000000000061/2015-04-01-07-04/
is also not suitable

How to do it differently?

  Dugin Sergey mailto: drug at

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