feature request: hardlink (link-dest) feature on server side

Uwe.Kloss at gmx.de Uwe.Kloss at gmx.de
Thu May 29 08:03:25 MDT 2014

Hi all,

I am currently (ab)using rsync as a backup utility, creating hardlinks
to files that haven't changed since last backup.

Unfortunately, using a rsync daemon connection between different
machines, this is only possible as a pull-type process. I.e. the daemon
needs to run on the source and the client runs on the destination, doing
the hardlinks.

I was wondering if it is possible to incorporate the linking feature on
the daemon side so it is possible to push backups?
(A lot more convenient on M$ boxes!)

At the moment this can be emulated by using "post-xfer exec" calling on
"fdupes -rL ${RSYNC_MODULE_PATH}...".
But as the function is already in the program it might be nice to have
it available on the server side.

See ya,

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