Flush delete command on rsync exit with --remove-source-files

Christopher Pezley christopher.pezley at rwth-aachen.de
Wed May 28 00:21:02 MDT 2014

When the option "--remove-source-files" is specified, files are not 
immediately deleted on the remote machine after being transfered. 
Instead, it is (as far as I understand) queued up in the list of 
actions. If rsync is ended with SIGTERM or SIGINT, then a transfered 
file may not be deleted on the remote machine.

If the user moves the transfered files (for example sorting them into 
different folders) and then starts the transfer again, some files may be 
transfered more than once. Would it make sense / be possible to flush 
the delete commands during the graceful exit in order to insure that all 
transfered files have been deleted?


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