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Hi Roland.

On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 4:45 PM, <devzero at> wrote:

> I cannot really follow how your setup works, can you perhaps describe it a
> little bit better?
I've tried to keep it as simple as possible considering...

Various remote hosts(running rsync daemon)
HOST A(rsync pull / backup-dir=NFS host)
HOST B(NFS export for backup-dir)
When HOST A is done pulling the data from the various hosts a second script
starts and rsync's(push) to HOST C. Every other time HOST C grabs a fresh
copy directly from the remote hosts. Of course, this part is never
automatically achieved since I'm never around to key "waking" the system
from the console. So every time I walk by I hit a key and it keeps going.

> please provide the command which works and which not.
hangs with: -avS --exclude-from=exclude.rsync --delete --backup
--backup-dir=/path/to/nfs on HOST B/date +today's date

does not hang with: -avS --exclude-from=exclude.rsync --delete --backup
--backup-dir=/path/to/local/date +today's date fs on HOST A

> so - resuming from hang is all about keypress?

> that sounds like an interrupt issue,i guess its no rsync problem but it`s
> only being triggered by rsync.
My assumption is also that it's likely not directly related to rsync. I was
thinking more NFS though.

> keep an eye on /proc/interrupts.
Interesting. Hadn't thought of that. I will.

> please post the answer to the rsync list, so others can also have a look

Question: I'm running this in cron as root. Although root can rw to the NFS
share while I'm in the console, is it somehow possible I'm encountering a
permissions issue and just not seeing a "permission denied" anywhere?
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