Problem using --fuzzy with --*-dest flags

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Thu Mar 6 17:42:49 MST 2014


I'm trying to get the --fuzzy option to work with --compare-dest with rsync

I'm testing with two files. "C_VOL-b001-i3818.spi" and
"C_VOL-b001-i3816.spi" are copies of one another, but I've modified the
latter a bit with a hex editor as a test. The modified date is still the

This works for me (fuzzy is utilized against the 3816 test file):

rsync --fuzzy --fuzzy -vv C_VOL-b001-i3818.spi rsync://user@localhost
Contents of SHARENAME/dest: C_VOL-b001-i3816.spi

This does not work:

rsync --fuzzy --fuzzy -vv --copy-dest=../alt C_VOL-b001-i3818.spi
Contents of SHARENAME/dest: <empty>
Contents of SHARENAME/alt: C_VOL-b001-i3816.spi

I do get complaints that:
"file has vanished"[...]"[..]alt/C_VOL-b001-i3816.spi" (in SHARENAME)" it does appear to be seeing the contents of the "alt" folder. Fuzzy
isn't being run against it, however.

I'd appreciate any insight on this.

PS: I posted another thread having to do with issues with the --debug=FUZZY
flag, but I think that's a separate issue so I'm posting this separately
for clarity.

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