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sorry, the explanation about "structure of the directories" misses details about the first directory :

the directories include a sequence (sequential/consecutive) number 

>  the structure of the directories are :

> sequence number ( so it must be variable )
>  |      this is the specified directory and also i have to copy the files/directories below
> 000001  |
> 000001/00
> 000001/00/dir1
> 000001/00/dir1/file1
> 000001/00/dir1/file2
> 000001
>         |----- this directory i have to exclude
> 000001/01
> 000001/01/dir1
> 000001/01/dir1/file1
> 000001/01/dir1/file2

> 000002
> 000002/00
> 000002/00/dir1
> 000002/00/dir1/file1
> 000002/00/dir1/file2
> 000002
> 000002/01
> 000002/01/dir1
> 000002/01/dir1/file1
> 000002/01/dir1/file2

So this command works perfect:

rsync -avihz --relative ./*/00 remote_host:/tmp

output :
cd+++++++ 000001/
cd+++++++ 000001/00/
cd+++++++ 000001/00/dir1/
<f+++++++ 000001/00/dir1/file1

this command doesn't  do nothing:
rsync  -aviz --include='*/' --include='*/00' --include='*/00/**' --exclude='*' --prune-empty-dirs . remote_host:/tmp

kind regards

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If you have only one instance of 01 then just use that as the source.
 But you probably have more than one so try:

Or, since you aren't using --delete you could do:
rsync -aviz --relative ./*/00 remote_host:/tmp

On 06/17/2014 09:28 AM, Pletter Thomas wrote:
> Hello,
> i try to copy a specified directory and the according folders and 
> files below to a remote host.
> cd /dir /usr/bin/rsync  -ravz -e ssh --include='*/'
> --include='*/00/*/*' --exclude='*' .  remote_host:/tmp
> i want to copy in these example the directory "00" and the according 
> folders and files below. the structure of the directory is defined by 
> a software and only directory "00" is variable.
> the structure of the directories are :
> 000001 000001/00 000001/00/dir1 000001/00/dir1/file1
> 000001/00/dir1/file2 000001 000001/01 000001/01/dir1
> 000001/01/dir1/file1 000001/01/dir1/file2
> is it possible with rsync ? i tried several options and gets no result
> kind regards
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