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Wayne Davison wayned at
Sun Jun 22 10:30:06 MDT 2014

On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 12:52 AM, Pletter Thomas <T.Pletter at>

> this command doesn't  do nothing:
> rsync  -aviz --include='*/' --include='*/00' --include='*/00/**'
> --exclude='*' --prune-empty-dirs . remote_host:/tmp

I'd imagine that you tried that after the -R command and there were no new
files to transfer, so it output nothing (since the command is fine).  You
can use an extra -i option to see all the files it matched but didn't
transfer.  Also, your includes should really all be anchored to the top of
the transfer (i.e. --include='/*/' --include='/*/00' --include='/*/00/**')
but that doesn't affect them working with your desired directories, it just
makes sure that they don't match other things that you don't want.  Also
note that the latter 2 includes can be specified as 1:
--include='/*/00/***' (the triple star matches both the dir and all its

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