found a new bug: "could not make way for new symlink: path/to/symlink" when symlink has replaced folder at source

ed.b.visser at ed.b.visser at
Tue Jul 29 01:22:49 MDT 2014


I think this should be reported on bugzilla. 
Can someone do that for me?
I read these error messages:

"cannot delete non-empty directory: path/to/dir
could not make way for new symlink: path/to/dir" (on last , dir is a symlink)


rsync -a --backup --backup-dir=../ --links --partial-dir=.rsync.part --partial --progress --log-file=/mnt/x/Documents/rsync.a.log /mnt/part/ /mnt/s/bk/part/

The folder was not moved to the backup-dir, like it should have been.

rsync v3.0.9
issue not found on changelogs since
nor on bugzilla 


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