[Bug 10244] link-by-hash patch: speed enhancement by hash calculation on source side

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Fri Jul 25 19:08:59 MDT 2014


--- Comment #1 from Dave Yost <Dave at Yost.com> 2014-07-26 01:08:58 UTC ---
rsync --link-dest could try a bit harder to find candidates for a hard link.

I suggest an option to rsync that works like this when you give it a file size

Before copying, on the destination end, rsync makes a list of large files, like
  find /path-to-link-dest/dir -size +100M

While copying, when rsync encounters a file that can't be linked normally, if
the file is larger than the threshold, rsync tries to link it with a candidate
from the list before giving in and making a new copy.

The threshold idea is to make rsync faster by not spending time on small files.

On the destination, rsync could use threads to overlap some of the computation.

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