/usr/bin/ssh not found when rsync is executed within rsnapshot

Lorenz lorenz.wenner at posteo.de
Tue Feb 11 12:25:30 MST 2014

> There are 2 easy solutions:
> 1. put what you need to run in a script and specify --rsh=/path/script.
> 2. put your ssh options into your ~/.ssh/config file, and stop specifying
> --rsh.  If you only want that key sometimes when going to that host, you
> can specify a host alias in the config.  For instance:
> Host debx40-backup
>     Hostname debx40
>     User backupuser
>     IdentityFile /home/backupuser/.ssh/id_rsa
> That even lets you omit the "backupuser@" prefix on the command, since you
> told ssh to use the right user, but only if you use "debx40-backup:/" for
> the destination host.  If you always want those options, just remove the
> "-backup" suffix (and the Hostname line) and they will get used for every
> ssh to debx40 (by name).

that one really helped me out.

Thanks a lot.

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