functionality to rsync from dir to dir(gzip)

nik600 nik600 at
Fri Dec 5 08:33:33 MST 2014

Dear all

is it possible to rsync in a master-slave scenario saving to slave gzip

i'm not talking about compression during transfer, i'm talking about
-saving- the destination in a compressed format.




I know that this won't be a "real" rsync between two folder, but it will be
an extremely useful feature to do some remote backup saving space.

To check if the file has been changed it will be enough to compare the date
of files because i assume that FROM is the master and TO the slave.

Finally, an additional feature could be to save in some metadata info of
dst files (ie. file_A.gz,file_B.gz) the checksum of source files if you
want to compare them by content checksum.

What to you think about that?


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