functionality to rsync from dir to dir(gzip)

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Sure, just use a compressed filesystem or find a fuse module that
mounts the archive of your choice.

On 12/05/2014 10:33 AM, nik600 wrote:
> Dear all
> is it possible to rsync in a master-slave scenario saving to slave
> gzip content?
> i'm not talking about compression during transfer, i'm talking
> about -saving- the destination in a compressed format.
> Example:
> FROM: -folder_A --file_A --file_B
> TO: -folder_A --file_A.gz --file_B.gz
> I know that this won't be a "real" rsync between two folder, but it
> will be an extremely useful feature to do some remote backup saving
> space.
> To check if the file has been changed it will be enough to compare
> the date of files because i assume that FROM is the master and TO
> the slave.
> Finally, an additional feature could be to save in some metadata
> info of dst files (ie. file_A.gz,file_B.gz) the checksum of source
> files if you want to compare them by content checksum.
> What to you think about that?
> Thanks
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