Alternative rsync client for Windows

Gilbert (Gang) Chen gchen at
Tue Apr 8 10:41:36 MDT 2014

Hi, there,

    We're pleased to announce the open beta of Acrosync, a native rsync
client for Windows.  Key features include:

   - Easy install, no more dependency on cygwin
   - Simple GUI, one click to start the sync
   - sync over ssh for security, or directly with an rsync daemon
   - For ssh, no need to set up password-less login
   - Built-in file system monitor to upload changed files instantly (just
   like Dropbox)
   - Support hourly incremental snapshot creation (just like Time Machine)
   - Can invoke Volume Shadow Copy Service to upload locked files

    It can be downloaded from  For
bug reports, comments, suggestions, etc, please visit the forum


The Acrosync Team
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