Alternative rsync client for Windows

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Fri Apr 11 00:48:19 MDT 2014

At 18:41 08. 04. 2014, Gilbert (Gang) Chen wrote:

>Hi, there,
>    We're pleased to announce the open beta of Acrosync, a native rsync client for Windows.  Key features include: 
>    * Easy install, no more dependency on cygwin 
>    * Simple GUI, one click to start the sync 
>    * sync over ssh for security, or directly with an rsync daemon 
>    * For ssh, no need to set up password-less login 
>    * Built-in file system monitor to upload changed files instantly (just like Dropbox) 
>    * Support hourly incremental snapshot creation (just like Time Machine) 
>    * Can invoke Volume Shadow Copy Service to upload locked files
Do you have speed comparisons against cwrsync? Especially with many
small files, big directories etc. If bandwidth is limiting then this may not
make a big difference. However a (local) check if the most part is already
uptodate could be sped up.


bye  Fabi

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