Bad size transfers

Juan Pablo Lorier jplorier at
Tue Nov 26 06:57:53 MST 2013


I've been using rsync for several years by now, but it's the first time
I have a problem with file transfers.
The scenario is quite complex, I have an inotify script that syncs a
hole folder when new files arrive to another server that has an curlftp
mount of another server.
Most of the times, sync happens right, but in other opportunities, I see
by the logs that files are partially transferred and deleted from source
(as specified by the flag) but destination file is far from a copy of
the original. In example, a 99MB file was transferred, it copied 22MB
and then deleted the source without errors.
¿Is there a way that rsync prints individual file transfer size instead
of a total at the end?
I have just set rsync to verbose at this time, but if requested, I can
make some tests with -vvv flag

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